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The origins of the label, Philippe Perzi Vienna are firmly rooted in European tailoring, with Philippe’s father, Johann, beginning his career in Vienna as an apprentice to the fashion house founded by C. M. Frank, renowned tailor to the royal families of continental Europe.

Enriched by the intrinsic demand for regal quality and style, and influenced by the blend of East-West European fashion, arts and culture – Johann moved on to pioneer a mark of individual flair and superior class sought throughout Europe.

Inheriting his father’s passion for fine clothing and high quality, Philippe developed his own individual appreciation for a European style of classic elegance, fused with effortless modern sophistication. Today, Philippe Perzi Vienna is synonymous with exclusive quality and individuality, offering an unmatched variety of vibrant colour and only the finest Italian fabrics.

Philippe Perzi Vienna occupies a small and perfectly formed salon in the heart of Vienna’s exclusive first district. The distinctive red door and brass sign of the brand’s emblem are reminiscent of the Kaiserstadt and usher you into a sophisticated and masculine shop with deep brown furnishings, juxtaposing modern luxe and tradition.

Philippe Perzi Vienna continues to service the cognoscenti with a full range of high quality menswear – featuring our signature Philippe Perzi Vienna shirts, silk ties in a wide variety of vivid hues and classic casual apparel including knitwear, leather goods and accessories.

Strong demand internationally has given rise to the online Philippe Perzi Vienna shop, where customers – old and new, can browse our extensive and exclusive range of Philippe Perzi Vienna shirts and ties.