Newsflash! Braces are back so suspend your disbelief

Men's Braces

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s been a peacock uprising. bracelet argent changer couleur 723braceletpascher1430 fundas iphone 11 A rake-revolution of sorts that has resulted in men dressing better and paying more attention to how they look. They’re concerned with how their shirts fit, how their trousers drape. They know the difference between a windowpane and price of wales check. Suddenly they’re wearing fedoras and applying pomade and oils to well-cultivated beards and following the Instagram feeds of Mr Raro, Mariano Di Vaio, David Gandy and Men with Class. bague homme taille 68 fundas samsung galaxy s6 edge plus In short, never has there been a more exciting time in men’s fashion to experiment and have fun! For that reason, Philippe Perzi Vienna has recently added some additional male habiliment to our online store. fundas huawei p8 lite Braces – or suspenders, depending on what continent you’re on. fundas iphone x xs In collaboration with Fumagalli, an Italian family-run business with a long tradition of craftsmanship, producing high quality silk ties and accessories since 1891, we are excited to be able to bring our customers these stunning silk suspenders in a variety of colours. custodia iphone Men's Braces

A short history

Men's braces Pitti Day 3_June 2015 [Above: Antonio Turino shows us how it’s done, in his usual sprezzy style] Oscar Wilde, once said, “ Clothes should hang from the shoulder, not from the waist,” and from a man whose dress sense was as sharp as his observations, we should take note. fundas samsung galaxy s20 plus Braces are one of those vestiges of yesteryear, a nostalgic nod to a time when male adornment was paid particular attention. fundas samsung galaxy note10 plus fundas samsung galaxy note8 fundas huawei y6 2019 Partly fashion, partly function, braces are a natty nuance of menswear that have come in and out of fashion over the years. fundas samsung galaxy a5 fundas huawei p smart In an nutshell, braces were once considered underwear, and therefore never revealed in company; they were always covered by a waistcoat and jacket. coque iphone Throughout history, braces have come in and out of favour, mostly as a result of how the cut of men’s trousers have changed. During the 1920s, men’s trousers were high-rise, full and pleated which necessitated braces to ensure they draped beautifully. iphone hoesjes fundas huawei mate 20 lite Braces continued to remain in favour during the 1930s as Savile Row’s influence reigned supreme, but then as trousers started being manufactured with belt loops and waistcoats went out of fashion, so too followed braces….that is until Michael Douglas’s character in Wall Street, Gordon Gekko, aroused a new found love of the suspender’s inherent smartness, which was in sync with the era of excess.

Braces: how to wear them

Men's braces Mariano Di Vaio Pitti Day 2_June 2015 [Above: Mariano di Vaio rarely gets it wrong and he nails it with these narrow leather suspenders] Suspenders literally ‘suspend’ the trouser, which should sit as high on your hip as possible, whether you’re wearing flat front or pleated trousers. Your trousers should hang and braces allow the natural pull of gravity to keep the trouser’s front and back crease taut and in place. fundas samsung galaxy a70 If you’re going to wear braces, the waistband of the trousers should be a little loose, not too tight, so that they can actually be ‘suspended’ from the shoulders. maty bague homme argent fundas iphone 11 pro Braces serve to enhance the verticality of an outfit, elongating your legs and ensuring the correct balance between suit jacket and trousers, creating an overall more elegant look. bracelet cuir manga 723braceletpascher5123 fundas samsung galaxy note8


Men's braces Pitti Day 1 June 2015 [Nicola Radano is known for his perfect execution of Neapolitan style and here he gives a nod to the dandy movement] If you’re going to be wearing braces with a tie, ensure that you match these two elements first, then match the shirt and trouser. collier arbre de vie diamant collierpascher14888 fundas samsung galaxy s9 plus In short, the rules are, if you’re wearing solid or striped braces, opt for a patterned necktie that picks up one of the colours in the braces. Alternatively, if you’re wearing patterned braces, like the ones we have available in our online store currently, opt for a solid or striped necktie and choose a shirt or trouser that picks up one of the colours in the braces.