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Buying shirts online for men can either be the best thing since sliced bread or an experience fraught with worry and disappointment. fundas samsung galaxy s7 edge We know there are many high profile brands out there on the world wide web and on the high street for you to choose from, but not all of them are offering the same high quality fabrics, range of choice, level of customer service and guaranteed fit that are synonymous with the Philippe Perzi Vienna brand. The Philippe Perzi Vienna team has been specialising in all things menswear for decades, both in Australia and in Europe (check out our blog for a brief history), but we are best known for our signature shirts for men. We know what the modern gent wants and needs when it comes to putting a shirt on his back. collier femme argent triangle collierpascher7163 fundas huawei y7 2019 The good news is that the Philippe Perzi Vienna signature shirts for men are now available to buy online! With the advent of the online world comes the ease and convenience of buying shirts online for men from the comfort of your home or on your smart phone whilst on your lunch break. materiel collier fantaisie collierpascher11847 But with this convenience comes the drawbacks of not being able to try on the shirt, uncertainty around fit and the inability to touch and feel the fabric as well as inspect the craftsmanship and details that set the clothing apart. We know for some shirt connoisseurs, there is no substitute for physically walking into a shop and being fitted by a tailor. bisaer plie coeur anneaux 925 argent sterling brillant zircon doigt simple anneau pour les femmes de mariage fiancailles bijoux cadeau efr121 However, as a family business that has an unequivocal commitment to quality control and personalised service, offering our international clients the ability to buy our signature shirts for men online is the next best thing to walking into our flagship store in Vienna and being advised by Philippe’s father, Herr Johann Perzi. fundas huawei p30 lite So, in an attempt to give you a high degree of confidence when it comes to buying Philippe Perzi Vienna’s shirts online, we’ve set about answering a few questions and giving you a few reasons why you should delay no further and start shopping our collection now!

I want to buy shirts online, but I don’t want to pay for postage

Makes sense. fundas samsung galaxy a3 That’s why we offer free shipping in Australia. fundas samsung galaxy a70 And for our international clients we ship for a meagre $30 flat fee per delivery, anywhere in the world. fundas samsung galaxy note8 shirts online

I want to buy shirts online, but I am worried about the fit

Fair point. Even armed with a trusty tape measure and a detailed fit guide, nothing quite replaces the opportunity to try a shirt on, look in the mirror and confirm to yourself that you indeed look dapper in said shirt. That is why Philippe Perzi Vienna offers a money back guarantee, no questions asked, to all our new clients when they buy shirts online with us. We even cover the return postage so there is no extra expense to you for giving us a try. The reason we have such confidence in our fit, is because our signature shirts for men have evolved over generations to find the perfect cut and proportions. fundas huawei y7 2019 We actually know that our shirts will fit 9 out 10 men – bodybuilders and slim men alike. We could labor this point, but as they say: “There’s pride in your work, then there’s arrogance.” Fact is, we think the money back guarantee says it all and anything else is just showing off. shirts online

When I buy shirts online, I want to be sure I am buying high quality

Philippe Perzi Vienna has four key philosophies; high quality; individuality, personalised service and expert craftsmanship. If you are going to do something, make sure you do it right. Our passion for high quality shirts runs deep. We are a family business and everything we do is focussed on producing high quality menswear. fundas huawei mate 20 lite fundas iphone 7 8 se2020 That is our passion. fundas huawei mate 10 fundas iphone 11 pro That is what motivates and rewards us. bracelet perle We have no interest in short cuts, mass production, sweat shops. fundas samsung galaxy s10e We much prefer working with and enjoying the support of like-minded families throughout Europe, who help us bring the best possible product to our customers, be it our shirts, ties or other men’s apparel in our flagship store. We use the latest and the highest quality fabrics in the world, from Thomas Mason – now part of the Albini group. Thomas Mason is renowned for being the doyen of shirt fabrics for over 200 years. fundas samsung galaxy a50 We only use Egyptian cotton in the highest grades and thread counts. Many retailers selling shirts for men claim to use Egyptian cotton, but not all Egyptian cotton is the same – read our blog to see what we’re referring to here. Our silk ties and shirts for men are made by people who are experts in their craft and the product is subject to constant quality checks. fundas samsung galaxy a50 Furthermore, no shirt or tie is sold without being reviewed three times by a Philippe Perzi Vienna family member, including Philippe Perzi himself. Our attention to detail verges on being obsessive. Our reputation for selling high quality garments is everything. That is why the brand carries our name. fundas huawei mate 10 Philippe Perzi Vienna Shirts Online

How can you offer the best quality shirts online and in store at reasonable prices?

We’re glad you asked. Because we are a small and nimble family business, we don’t have the overheads that larger retailers experience. As a family business, we are all pulling in the same direction, so we can keep our business running efficiently and effectively, whilst still offering our customers the best shirts at a reasonable price. le truc du collier de perle 720collierpascher503 fundas huawei p30 We are in control of our shirt manufacturing at all stages of the production chain and throughout the sale process, so we know our customers are getting not only the highest quality shirts for men but also the customer service that they expect. By cutting out the middle man, we remain true to our heritage as a family business, and also keep our costs down, which means we can provide the highest quality shirts online and in our flagship store at the best price possible. We challenge anyone to offer shirts of matching quality at our prices. Philippe Perzi Vienna Shirts Online

How do I know that I’ll get good customer service when I buy shirts online?

We are available online via email and if you provide us with your telephone number we would be delighted to give you a call. We truly value the relationship with our clients and know they deserve the best. We will reply within 24 hours (if not straight away) and we will do everything we can to address your questions and any issues that may arise. Your email will always be dealt with by a Philippe Perzi Vienna family member, if not Philippe Perzi himself.

What about buying shirts online as a gift for someone. What if he doesn’t like it or I am not sure of his size?

Buying a Philippe Perzi Vienna shirt online for someone special as a gift is a wonderful idea. What makes our collection of shirts for men unique will be clear when they open the beautifully gift wrapped shirt, presented in a stylish and sturdy branded shirt box. fundas samsung galaxy s4 You can take great comfort knowing that if for any reason you or the recipient are not 100% happy with your purchase, then you can return the shirt to us for either a full refund, exchange or credit note, no questions asked (as long as it’s in the same condition as when you received the shirt). Alternatively, why not take the guesswork out and give the gift of style with an online gift voucher? We have gift vouchers ranging in value from $50-$500 and it’s so easy to send someone a gift voucher for them to use in the Philippe Perzi Vienna online store. Shirts online gift voucher

All in all, it is quite simple. We are a family business. meilleure vente goutte boucle doreille vintage ethnique perle de culture longue asymetrie goutte boucle doreille pour les femmes en gros a la main meilleure vente boucle doreille We are passionately committed to high quality, individuality and personalised service. bracelet homme Your guarantee is in the name of the brand. Our family name. And we wouldn’t want it any other way.