Enjoy the Journey, the adventure begins! New Crease Resistant Shirts have landed

Crease resistant dress Shirts

There’s something special about those perennial items in your wardrobe that year in year out, season to season, see you through thick and thin. They’re timeless, classic, and tried and true – and it doesn’t get much more essential than the dress shirt, except perhaps, a crease resistant dress shirt.

New white and blue dress shirts have just landed in the online store made from the new ‘Journey’ fabric collection by Thomas Mason, which promises all the characteristics we’ve come to expect from this fabric mill’s line of high quality fabrics, but with special finishing rendering the fabric highly resistant to creasing.Crease resistant dress Shirts

Philippe Perzi Vienna has four new additions to the collection, named fittingly, after famous intrepid travellers. Vespucci, Vasco, Battuta and Bartolomeu are all made from this special crease resistant fabric, in twill and of course with the high thread count of 120/2. We offer a choice between French or button cuffs and spread or extreme cutaway collars.Crease resistant dress Shirts

The new collection was born from the need for comfort and versatility during a business or leisure trip, long days travelling near and far where it’s paramount that your shirt looks fresh and smooth all day long, whether it’s on your body or in your suitcase. It’s all about the Journey, hence the name for the collection.

The Journey fabric collection has been finished so that the fibres are parallel, which lends a particular brightness to the shirts whilst maintaining the form of the fabric, without having to take any extra special care. But you don’t have to just take our word for it. In fact, the Journey fabrics have been tested before ironing beyond grade 3 tables of the American Association Textile Chemical Colorist (AATCC), which evaluates the characteristics of “smoothness appearance.” In short, this means your shirt will require minimal ironing and retain its crispness even after several washes.

To quote Carl Sandburg “I don’t know where I’m going but I’m on my way” and in that case, you definitely need a Philippe Perzi Vienna crease resistant dress shirt that will look as smooth and crisp at the end of your journey as it did at the start. Shop now!