The Journey Continues: Crease-resistant shirts

Men's Shirts Crease-Resistant

We received such rave reviews from our range of crease-resistant shirts that we decided to add more designs to the collection.

In case you missed our last blog post where we heralded the arrival of these special shirts, what makes them unique is in the finishing of the fabric; the fibres are parallel, which lends a particular brightness to the shirts whilst maintaining the form of the fabric.

Particularly popular with businessmen who give the mileage a nudge, these crease-resistant shirts have all the convenience of non-iron shirts without the nasty chemicals that are often added to fabrics in order to render them ‘wrinkle-free’ or ‘non-iron.’

This means you can feel free to pack these shirts in your luggage and pull them out at the other end, with minimal to no ironing.

You can also wear these shirts from dawn to dusk, travel by plane, train or automobile and look as polished at the end of the day as when you walked out the door.

These 5 new shirts in the collection are all made from 120/2 fabric, so you can be assured of the same quality and fineness of fabric for which Thomas Mason has become renowned.

Men's Shirts Crease-Resistant

Left to right above: Armstrong, Columbus, Shackleton. All $179

Whether you choose a baby pink (Columbus) for when you’re in a playful mood, the tried and tested light blue puppytooth (Shackleton) or hairline stripe (Armstrong) or make a statement with a multistripe banker collar (Freycinet and Manucci), these shirts are literally must-haves for your rotation.

Men's Shirts Crease-Resistant

Left to right above: Manucci and Freycinet. Both $169

Oh, and incase you’ve been left pondering as to the significance of the names of the shirts…they are all named after famous intrepid travellers. Continue your journey with one of these special shirts.

Check them out!