Cuff Love: French Cuff or Button Cuff?

A lot of focus is often placed on French cuff or button cuff. As elaborated on in one of our previous blogs Cuff Choice: French cuff or button cuff, we made it very clear that we don’t prefer one over the other and don’t think you should either.
Accordingly, you will find our online shirts come in a range of French cuff and button cuffs and our store in Vienna offers even more variety.
The reason we are so laissez-faire when it comes to the type of cuff is quite simple; Each and every cuff type is stylish in its own right, if sufficient attention to detail is committed to creating a look and feel that espouses quality. It is this detail, often small and subtle, that in our opinion is so much more important than the type of cuff. In the case of each cuff in the Philippe Perzi Vienna signature shirt collection, there are certain details of our cuffs that have evolved over the generations to create what we believe is the perfect shirt cuff. We suggest you look out for some of these details that are part and parcel of a Philippe Perzi Vienna signature shirt cuff.
One very important aspect that can truly make all the difference to the visual impact of a French cuff or button cuff, is the size of the cuff itself. A cuff that is too narrow can look weak. fundas huawei p9 A cuff that is too wide can look clumsy and bulky. fundas samsung galaxy s7 edge The aim for us is to create a dress shirt cuff that has, what we would describe, a masculine and sophisticated width that makes a dramatic statement and balances proportions perfectly. This is not a science, but rather an art form and is something we firmly believe that we have achieved across all the dress shirt cuff types in the Philippe Perzi Vienna shirt collection. We encourage you to consider this aspect the next time you take a look at a cuff on any shirt.
An even more subtle detail lies in the soft curves of our shirt cuffs rather than sharp, pointy ends. fundas huawei y6 2019 A close look at our French cuff reveals a smooth curve in the corner; in the case of our double button cuff you will notice an inverted curve; and for our one button shirt cuffs in store we have a stylish sweep that really creates a discerning cuff. fundas samsung galaxy s9 plus This all plays a role in creating a smooth, clean and strong look. fundas samsung galaxy s8 plus Button cuff, contrasting fabric Philippe Perzi Vienna uses contrasting fabrics inside many of our shirt cuffs. fundas samsung galaxy s20 ultra They look great when the sleeves on a shirt with a button cuff are rolled up casually, adding a real differentiating factor. fundas huawei p9 In the case of the shirts with French cuff, the slightest glimpse of the contrasting fabric inside the French cuff will capture the eye of a discerning observer and let them know that you are man of style. fundas huawei mate 10 lite The most important factor here is harmony between the contrasting fabric weaves, graphics and colours – which we have done for you. fundas huawei p9 fundas iphone xs max There are no rules or laws of physics that apply. fundas huawei y5 2019 It is an art and something that not everyone can replicate, yet alone create.
Contrasting fabric, French Cuff As we say, it’s all in the detail. And it is this detail and subtleties that are much more important than choosing what type of dress shirt cuff you prefer: French cuff or a button cuff.

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