Cutaway Collar Shirts: The style staple

Cutaway Collar shirts

Cutaway collar shirts or spread collar shirts have long been the cornerstone of the English bespoke look. Although many credit the introduction of cutaway collar shirts to the Prince of Wales (as in Edward VIII…not Prince Charles), probably because of his penchant for a ‘Windsor’ knot – which he is said to have invented, it was actually the Duke of Kent who first rocked spread or cutaway collar shirts. These days, cutaway collar shirts are as popular as ever amongst the style set. coque iphone 6 As Philippe Perzi Vienna’s roots are European, we take our queues from what the most style conscious gents are wearing on the streets in the trendiest quarters of the world and for as long as we can remember, cutaway collar shirts have been the mainstay of their ensembles. Colours and designs may change as the seasons do, but cutaway collar shirts worn with or without a jacket and tie, remain their favourite. fundas iphone 6 6s It is no surprise that Philippe Perzi Vienna has chosen the cutaway collar for our signature dress shirts in our inaugural online collection. bracelet femme argent ambre 718braceletpascher1559 The truth is, not only are cutaway collar shirts highly fashionable and flattering to all men (see our recent blog on the merits of wearing the cutaway collar), cutaway collar shirts are as enduringly stylish today as they were decades ago and in all eventuality, they will be in times to come, so it’s worthwhile investing in more than a few cutaway collar shirts. fundas iphone 7 8 se2020 coque iphone 6 fundas samsung galaxy s4 With that in mind, we thought we’d take a look at some of our style heroes who have championed cutaway collar shirts – with varying degrees of spread – in recent and not so recent times. fundas huawei p8

Cutaway collar shirts on the silver screen

Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Cutaway Collar Shirts Douglas Fairbanks Jr. was a life long ambassador of the cutaway collar. fundas samsung galaxy j3 This American actor, film producer and highly decorated naval officer of World War II is on the international best dressed list for a reason. fundas huawei p smart It is said that Fairbank’s enthusiasm for cutaway collar shirts may have had much to do with the collar’s early acceptance by the beau monde. boucle doreille abalone 718braceletpascher4521 bracelet homme fundas iphone

Continuing the royal tradition of cutaway collar shirts

Prince of Wales

Cutaway Collar Shirts The former Prince of Wales, Edward VIII, was known as one of the style icons of our time, although Prince Charles, the current Prince of Wales, has carried the baton in the style stakes quite well. collier or 18 carats pas cher collierpascher1949 fundas iphone 6 6s Royalty has always influenced fashion and The Prince of Wales knows that cutaway collar shirts are the perfect choice for all occasions. fundas huawei p20 pro

Sporting cutaway collar shirts

David Beckham

David Beckham Cutaway Collar shirts David is no stranger to best dressed lists and usually when he looks his most dapper, he is sporting cutaway collar shirts. bracelet femme argent ancien 723braceletpascher11380

Cutaway collar shirts go hand in hand with sprezzatura

Gianni Agnelli

Gianni Agnelli Signor Agnelli is one of the great style icons of our time (check out our blog). amader charme a la mode hommes hibou forme tigre oeil bracelet femmes lave lapis lazuli pierre bracelets yoga priere bijoux ab505 fundas huawei p20 lite He was a champion of ‘sprezzatura’ and was famously known for wearing his watch on the outside of his shirt cuff. fundas iphone xr fundas samsung galaxy a3 Although he didn’t wear cutaway collar shirts exclusively, it was certainly one of his signature looks.

Cutaway collar shirts and the modern day master of prep

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Cutaway Collar Shirts King of preppy style, Ralph Lauren never fails to disappoint every season, reinventing his classic look with new colours and patterns. Key to his success is that he abides by the adage ‘fashion comes and goes, style is forever.’ That’s why his Purple Label men’s dress shirts heavily feature cutaway collar shirts and the man himself, when not wearing his signature turtle necks or clad head to toe in black, looks incredibly stylish sporting a cutaway collar.

Cutaway collar shirts and the latest style icon to hit our screens

Harvey Specter

Harvey Specter The best closer in New York knows how to dress. fundas huawei mate 20 Harvey Specter has become a cult figure amongst fans of the USA network series, ‘Suits.’ If you’re one of the few not to have read our style icon blog on Harvey Specter, click here. Harvey Specter usually wears cutaway collar shirts so he can show off his trademark Windsor knot. fundas samsung galaxy s8 plus Cutaway collar shirts lift the formality of a suit when worn with a tie and is a contemporary and sartorially elegant look that conveys confidence in the wearer. The cutaway collar draws attention to the wearers face and after all, when Harvey talks, people listen. collier arbre de vie argent prenom collierpascher14814 fundas samsung galaxy note9

Cutaway collar shirts are for men who take dressing seriously. fundas huawei p8 lite 2017 Cutaway collar shirts or spread collar shirts are unequivocally formal and a classic look that will stand the test of time, as demonstrated by our fashionistas listed above. bracelet femme argent fermoir mousqueton 723braceletpascher10649 fundas samsung galaxy s10 The job of your shirt is to act as an anchor for your entire outfit, so it’s worthwhile buying high quality and well fitted shirts that flatter your features and with the cutaway collar, draw attention to your face – you’ll have no problems finding the right ones from the Philippe Perzi Vienna range.