Cutaway Collar Shirts: Look no further

Cutaway Collar Shirts

Cutaway collar, Spread, Semi-spread, Windsor, Button down, Tab, Pinned, Long point… These days men have an astonishing array of options when it comes to choosing the style of collar on their dress shirts. And an important choice it is. custodia cover Indeed, as the shirt collar frames your face, one of the most important considerations in choosing a dress shirt is the appropriateness of the collar shape to your face. But these days, men needn’t be confused with the myriad of choice out there. fundas samsung galaxy note8 Cutaway collar shirts or spread collar shirts look good on all men and every man should have them in his wardrobe. fundas huawei mate 20 Cutaway Collar Shirts

Narrow Faces

Cutaway Collar Shirts In particular, men with narrow or oval faces should wear cutaway collar shirts as the cutaway collar counterbalances long features. Straight or long point collars will only emphasise a longer face and look out of proportion. fundas iphone x xs

Wide faces

Cutaway Collar Shirts Contrary to what many style commentators espouse, men with wider faces and larger features CAN and DO LOOK GOOD wearing cutaway collar shirts. fundas samsung galaxy s6 Although we have the utmost respect for style commentators like Alan Flusser and agree with many of his tips, his ‘rule’ regarding men with wider faces avoiding cutaway collar shirts, is simply one we do not agree with. We need only look at real life examples to see that cutaway collar shirts give men with larger features presence and a look of confidence. fundas samsung galaxy s7 custodia cover iphone You can’t argue with Italian fashionista, Lino Ieluzzi!

Cutaway Collar Shirts = Versatile

Cutaway Collar Shirts Cutaway collar shirts are begging for a large knot like a Windsor or half-Windsor. But even the most simple of knots, like the four in hand, equally espouses sprezzatura when combined with cutaway collar shirts. Cutaway collar shirts are precisely what you should wear when you need to look sharp in the office and want to power dress. However, one of the great things about cutaway collar shirts is that they look wonderful worn unbuttoned sans tie, because of the way the collar is cut or tapered. fundas huawei p8 This tapering helps to anchor the collar. fundas samsung galaxy s9 plus By contrast, a straight point collar can end up looking untidy and clumsy with the collar points suspended above the clavicle area. fundas samsung galaxy s7


Cutaway Collar Shirts If button down collar shirts are at one end of the dress code spectrum (casual) then cutaway collar shirts are at the opposite end. fundas samsung galaxy s20 ultra When buttoned up, the cutaway collar is unequivocally formal, always looks polished and when worn with a Windsor knot (although not mandatory) exudes classic sartorial elegance.

The Italians know fashion

Cutaway Collar Shirts It’s been said that the French spend their money on food, the English on their gardens and the Italians on their clothes. The fashion world takes its cues from the Italians, as their sense of style is almost innate. As style Icon Lino Ieluzzi says: “Style is not fashion, it is something we have inside.” Walking around the streets of Milan, you’ll see rakish men, of all ages and builds wearing cutaway collar shirts with varying degrees of spread between collar points, looking dapper. fundas huawei p20 pro fundas samsung galaxy a50

Philippe Perzi Vienna knows fashion, knows style and knows its clients. fundas samsung galaxy s9 plus fundas huawei p9 lite It is for this reason that our signature men’s shirts carry the cutaway collar.