Domestique – who wants a yellow jersey anyway?

Men's shirt

In honour of the Tour de France currently underway, the latest men’s shirt in the Philippe Perzi Vienna collection is called, Domestique.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the cycling term, domestique is what you call the workhorses of the peloton. They provide tactical and basic support to their team (such as sheltering the leader from the wind, riding against the opposing teams and ensuring the leader has enough food and fluids). Sure, they may never get a kiss from the pretty girls on the podium, but they are vital to the success of a team and probably earn even more respect than the leaders they protect!

Men's shirt

This stylish black men’s shirt with a small paisley pattern is right on trend this season and in fact, we saw a lot of small print a the most recent Pitti Uomo 86 fair. Miniature motifs that are only distinguishable up close are increasingly becoming popular and you’ll see plenty of it (on ties, shirts and even trousers) this coming season.

Made from Getzner fabric, this is a classy shirt that oozes confidence – it’s a little bit hipster but retains the elegant and masculine lines that Philippe Perzi Vienna men’s shirts are known for.

Our latest shirt, Domestique, is perfect for the modern dandy, so go on – shop the Philippe Perzi Vienna shirt collection now and treat yourself the latest look!