Driving Gloves: Drive fast, live young

Lets talk about the lothario of leather accessories; Driving Gloves.

By definition, driving gloves offer tactile advantages to the driver handling their car or motorbike to the limits of adhesion. In our dreams, we imagine a Ferrari Testarossa, shiny new Vesper or if you’re a real OG, a Morgan Plus 4. But even if you’re not a keen motorist, driving gloves offer the rakish gent a way to push his sartorial standards to the upper limits.

Philippe Perzi Vienna is pretty excited about these latest Italian stallions we’ve added to the collection. Retailing for $189, here’s 5 reasons you should avail yourself of a pair:

  • Made from 100% deer skin which is known as the ‘cashmere of leather,’ these are the softest, most supple and durable of all leather gloves so you’ll retain maximum comfort, sensitivity and flexibility.
  • Fingerless and with knuckle holes, so you’ll still be dextrous, able to use your smartphone and take things out of your pocket without pulling your gloves on and off.
  • Hand finished with external seams, these Italian made gloves have that special touch of craftsmanship that signal quality.
  • In a striking mustard yellow, when black or brown are too safe or you want to make a statement, coloured leather accessories are a great way to add a flourish to your outfit.
  • Team driving gloves with a tailored and clean-cut ensemble to create a more fashion forward look straight off the editorial pages or with jeans, t-shirt and leather jacket to channel your inner Steve McQueen or Ryan Gosling.

If you’re interested in purchasing a pair of these beautiful leather driving gloves, please get in contact with us, let us know your size and we’ll send them directly from our Vienna store anywhere in the world, with free shipping.

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