Welcome to the Club: The Eton Men’s Shirt

Men's shirt with club collar by Philippe Perzi Vienna

Groucho Marx once saidI don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member.” He may have made an exception for this one. Philippe Perzi Vienna is delighted to announce the arrival of a new men’s shirt to the collection; Eton. This stunning men’s shirt comes with a round-edged collar, fundas huawei y6 2019 more formally known as the Club or Eton Collar, bracelet homme cuir asos 723braceletpascher12283 iphone 7 plus hoesjes fundas samsung galaxy note8 blue dress stripes and is made from Getzner fabric – one of the best luxury shirting fabric manufacturers in the world. collier chat male 720collierpascher10025 fundas iphone 6 6s plus You can check out our blog on the origins of the club collar for more detail, but simply put, bracelet homme cuir marron et acier 723braceletpascher12271 fundas iphone 7 8 plus the impeccable pedigree of the club collar men’s shirt lies in the 19th Century, designed intentionally or not, bracelet cuir sexy 723braceletpascher8844 to signify membership to one of the world’s most exclusive male clubs; Eton. fundas huawei p8 lite 2017 Thankfully, fundas huawei p20 pro now we can all get in on the act without having to call ourselves an Etonian. montre homme plate bracelet cuir 723braceletpascher8043 Gentlemen, fundas huawei p smart welcome to the club, have we got a treat for you! Club Collar Men's Shirt blue stripes

Here’s 3 reasons you need this men’s shirt in your wardrobe

  • The club collar is a distinguished and refined look, hailing from a bygone era when men wouldn’t even think about stepping out of the house without a hat. fundas iphone 6 6s fundas huawei y6 2017 This men’s shirt is a reminder to your rakish self that you sir, are a gentlemen.
  • If you have an athletic build, angular or chiselled facial features,