Father’s Day: A tribute to our Dads


Father’s Day in Australia is coming up on 1st September! As a tribute, The Philippe Perzi Vienna team shares some sage advice from their fathers…

On the avoidance of bar fights:

“Better to be an alive coward than a dead hero” – In short, he was telling me not to be stupid and risk my life in bar fights or showing off…it’s worked so far! Father, Dad

On using my brain to guide my judgment:

“Upstairs for thinking, downstairs for dancing” – sounds obvious, but… Wedding, Father, 1970s

On fear of failure:

“What you don’t have in your head, you have in your feet” – In short, just do it. fundas iphone 7 8 se2020 What you lack in one area, you’ll make up for in others… Then again, maybe he meant the less you use your head, the harder you will need to work? 1970s wedding, tuxedo, nostalgia, Leonard King, Tony King

On women:

“When out with friends and you are trying to impress the girls – let the other guys do all the talking. When they run out of chat at the end of the evening, then you start talking” – From experience – not good advice. In fact, I can assure you this does not work. “First in, bet dressed” is probably better advice. https://www.alpesprobois.fr/products/coque-samsung-galaxy-s3-en-silicone-709pascher1249 But, an interesting tactic nonetheless. “God promised men that obedient wives would be found in all corners of the earth” Then He made the earth round… and he laughed – Enough said! 1970s Formal

Musings on life, luxury and sausages:

“Alles hat ein ende nur die wurst hat zwei” – Translates into ‘Everything has an end, except the sausage – it has two.’ A famous saying and song in Austria and Germany. Like most Austrians, Dad likes to sing and speak philosophically about food, wine and life. https://www.aquawood.fr/products/coque-fee-samsung-j5-709pascher6821 “Luxus ist…Zeit nehmen für das Leben” – Translates into ‘Luxury is…to take time for life…and that is what I want.’ “Quality remains long after the price is forgotten” – You won’t remember how much it cost you when you are still wearing it years down the track. Johann and Philippe Perzi

On politicians:

“Nach mir die Sintflut!” – Translates to ‘After me the flood.’ A reference to the attitude of some people who just don’t seem to care what happens after they are gone. custodia samsung A quote widely attributed to Louis XV: ‘Après moi, le deluge.’ And a quote that Dad seems to mumble quite a bit when talking about politicians and certain notorious individuals. fundas samsung galaxy j5 1970s, bon voyage

On getting out of trouble:

Whenever you get blamed…looked shocked…and murmur (preferably in a high-pitched voice) “Petit moi?” – no one will be angry with you. https://www.aquawood.fr/products/coque-iphone-11-pro-max-tumblr-iphone-d5115 This has got me out of the odd predicament here and there. https://www.aquawood.fr/products/coque-iphone-11-pro-max-gambling-school-d1373 coque iphone 8 fundas huawei mate 10 lite Lamb, 1970s,

On dressing well:

“Wer seine Kleidung vernachlässigt, vernachlässigt sich selber” – He who neglects his clothes, neglects himself. fundas iphone xr fundas huawei p smart 2019 “Philippe – Having swagger does not make you a ‘character’ in dressing. fundas samsung galaxy note10 You must decide what makes you feel comfortable. The most important thing in dressing is that you stay true to, and be yourself; as dressing represents your character. fundas huawei p9 lite Then it becomes style” – Touché. fundas samsung galaxy a10 If I am known as Clark Kent/Superman or Chris ‘Oz’ Ostreicher from American Pie… fundas samsung galaxy s4 then so be it. https://www.cifnet.it/products/custodia-smartphone-samsung-custodia-in-silicone-originale-logo-3custodiasamsung570 Family collageHappy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there. https://www.alpesprobois.fr/products/coque-iphone-7-femme-original-710pascher1017 It’s true. The older we get, the smarter our fathers seem to get.