You can find me in the club

Gents, its time you got into a club…a club collar shirt to be precise.

Miles Wharton Mens Fashion Blogger

Partly a leftover vestige of Eton college, that elite nursery for England’s statesmen, partly a throwback to the heady days of the 1920s and 30s, the club collar shirt creates a distinguished and refined look that really draws attention (in a good way) to your visage.

Here at Philippe Perzi Vienna HQ, we’re big fans of the rakish roundness of the club collar and we think the mini-renaissance this classic men’s dress shirt is enjoying is something to be celebrated.

We’ve just taken delivery of some pretty spectacular club collar shirts and we think you should try one:

Club collar Shirts

Left to right: Exeter, Eton, Harrow

Here’s a few ways you can get an introduction to the club collar shirt:

  • Those with athletic builds or angular features will find the club collar shirt particularly complementary.
  • Wear the club collar shirt to the office to add a little touch of nattiness to your standard rotation. Alternatively, the club collar shirt is perfect for the polo or race days when you need to up your game.
  • The white collar instantly adds just the right amount of contrast to your outfit; ideal for those with high contrast complexions. Those with low contrast complexions need not be excluded from the club collar shirt; simply choose a suit in a lighter grey colour to lessen the amount of contrast in your outfit.
  • The club collar shirt cries out for the preppiness of a striped rep tie – the skinnier the better, or a knitted tie with a small knot.
  • If you really want to revive an old school accouterment, wear your club collar shirt with a pin; this will lift the tie knot up and out and hold down the collar points.