To Be Frank: Spotlight on Frank Gallucci

Frank Gallucci

Not since Gianni Versace walked this earth has Calabria produced a more fashionable icon. Frank Gallucci, a young blade hailing from Crotone – a town in Italy’s ‘heel’ – has arrived on the men’s fashion circuit and is taking the social media scene by storm. Frank Gallucci is tailored, tanned and tenacious and he is justifiably “proud to be Italian.” Keenly aware of the responsibility his fellow countrymen have to uphold Italy’s reputation for quality, beauty and fashion, Frank Gallucci certainly seems to be keeping up his end of the bargain. An oft-photographed fashion darling at Pitti Uomo and fashion weeks around the globe, Frank has captured the attention of bloggers, magazine editors and the fashion press at large. In a relatively short space of time, he has catapulted himself from a male model styled by others to one of Italy’s top fashion influencers, inspiring his followers daily with his immaculate tailoring and rakish flair. Frank Gallucci

I did it my way. The Frank Gallucci way

Frank Gallucci Ever since he can remember, Frank Gallucci has always had an interest in fashion and with trademark patriotism, acknowledges the motherland for instilling in him a sense of pride in one’s self and appreciation for beauty in everything; “Italy, with all its defects is a state of mind. I’m lucky to have been born in a country where there is beauty in everything and since I was a child, I’ve been surrounded by well-dressed people, so I learned really quickly.” But it wasn’t always clear that Frank’s future would be one enrobed so glamourously. It was firstly a double degree in Political and Economic Science at the prestigious University of Perugia and then a stint in Australia, a world away from Italy, where Frank’s mind was opened, senses awakened and the realisation that he wanted to pursue a career in fashion set in. Of his time in Australia, Frank says; “Australia was an amazing chapter in my life. After my graduation in 2012, I lived in Australia, mainly on the West Coast. fundas samsung galaxy s20 ultra I discovered that Australians really have a great mind-set, they’re well educated in the main and remain free from some of the schemas and conventions that we have in Italy. I also liked their way of life – of course, like anywhere in the world, they aren’t free of stress, but in Italy we tend to exaggerate it. Their passion for sport is also one of the things I admired and although I missed Italian coffee, I did have one of the best fishes in my life – a barramundi.” Clearly though, Australian Seafood wasn’t enough to keep Frank in the Great Southern Land, because it was on his way back to Italy that Frank made the life-changing decision to re-locate to Milan.

Frankie went to Hollywood…Frank Gallucci went to Milan

Pitti Uomo 86 Frank Gallucci Without doubt, Milan is the global epicenter for fashion and design. There’s something to be said for the positive feedback loop that comes from being surrounded by people who’s fashion game is on point. Anyone who has ever set a foot inside Milan’s cobbled streets would understand the desire – no, the aspiration, to keep up the sartorial standards of the impeccably dressed men and women walking the streets with that inborn Italian insouciance. fundas huawei p smart 2019 So it was naturally the next step for Frank Gallucci to re-locate to Milan in order to be closer to the action. Frank always had a keen eye for fashion and cites his cousin as his sartorial yardstick in the early days. “I always admired my cousin for his sense of style, but when I moved to Milan, that’s when I really changed my look and upped my game.” To state the obvious, Frank Gallucci is a good-looking chap. The camera loves him and his chiseled features and lean frame made him a shoo-in for a career in the modeling game. Masculine, polished and genteel, Frank Gallucci has the makings of a contemporary Carey Grant or Gary Cooper. But being dressed and coiffed by a team of stylists didn’t allow for sufficient sartorial freedom of expression and it wasn’t long before Frank Gallucci decided to strike out on his own, to create a persona and business that allowed his personality and personal style to shine.

The importance of being Frank

Frank Gallucci It would be easy to look at Frank Gallucci and see a stunningly well-dressed young man and reduce him to yet another model/blogger/fashion influencer – but the reality is that Frank Gallucci stands for much more than this. In many ways, Frank is a trailblazer in this new fashion epoch – where the most successful fashion influencers are more than just clothes-horses. Rather, those who tend to stand out amongst the masses – and Frank is definitely in this category – are those whose external elegance is a manifestation of their internal values and attitude towards life. coque iphone 7 Charismatic, generous of spirit, elegant; Frank Gallucci’s boundless enthusiasm and passion for men’s fashion are evident to all who see his clothes and the flair with which he wears them. fundas huawei p9 That glint in his eye, the energy in his gesticulations, the upswept quiff, the twenty-something self-effacingly describes himself as “Stressed, depressed but always well-dressed.” We agree with the sartorial element, but Frank’s ever-perfect hair suggests the young man is anything but frazzled. fundas huawei p9 lite The term ‘gentleman’ gets thrown around loosely these days, but we can certainly attest to Frank being the real deal. Undoubtedly, Frank Gallucci dresses every inch the rake mixing traditional tailoring with more casual pieces, with that innate sense of proportion and fit, cut and cloth that can only be mastered by someone born with an eye for detail who’s been immersed in the culture of style and fashion. But Frank Gallucci reminds us that good clothes do not maketh the gentleman; “Good manners everyday, that’s what distinguishes a real gentleman from a well dressed man”

Frankly my dear…I don’t give a damn

Frank Gallucci For several years, style stalkers in Europe have admired Frank Gallucci, but it’s only in the last couple of years, since launching his blog and attending the likes of Pitti Uomo and fashion weeks in Milan, Paris and New York, where people have really started to sit up and take notice. coque iphone 8 His blog covers a wide range of topics from health and fitness, style advice and fashion icons and of course abundant imagery of Frank Gallucci modeling beautifully tailored pieces. fundas huawei y6 2019 Frank Gallucci has, over time, developed a distinct look – refined, classic, beautifully tailored and flawlessly accessorized. fundas huawei y5 2019 Think high-waisted, pleated trousers with trainers. A three-piece tweed with a denim shirt and trooper jacket. Indigo suiting with a scarf tied nonchalently on his wrist. fundas huawei mate 20 pro On the subject of how to dress with flair; ”Sometimes you can dare with colours or proportion, but if you dress them with personality and you’re sure of yourself, people will respect you. It might not be their style, but as long as you’re comfortable in your look, then that’s ok.” But even the most stylish of gents have their points of reference or people who inspire them and for Frank Gallucci, it’s the likes of Steve McQueen, Gianni Agnelli and John F. Kennedy from yesteryear. He counts friend Santo Barillà, Alessandro Squarzi and Lapo Elkann as today’s style heroes – all Italians – but acknowledges that some of the most well dressed and elegant men can be found in England, France and Korea. fundas huawei p8 lite

‘Cause Uptown Frank gon’ give it to you!

Frank Gallucci-20 Contrast, balance, confidence and always, the pursuit of beauty is Frank Gallucci’s modus operandi. fundas huawei mate 20 lite Balance in his outfits and balance in his life seems to be part of the secret to Frank Gallucci’s success; On the subject of keeping in shape amidst such a busy schedule, Frank’s answer is refreshingly candid; “Sacrifice; I’m really sporty and I like to follow a healthy diet, which means mainly a Mediterranean diet. I’m not fastidious about my diet, as I do like sweets, but I go to the gym three-four times per week and if I do have a ‘bad day’ food wise, then the next day I take more care. It’s just a simple rule.” In terms of his life métier, Frank borrows from Dostoyevsky and sartorial scholars such as Bruno Cucinelli when he says, “Beauty will save the world.” It might well do, but what will save your wardrobe? It’s hardly surprising to find out that with such an eye for beauty and penchant for styling, Frank Gallucci also works as a visual merchandiser for a company, so we asked him to recommend 10 ‘must haves’ for the modern man; “It all depends on your occupation, but as a general rule, I would say:

  • Blue suit for every occasion
  • Brown moccasins
  • White sneakers
  • At least one pair of jeans
  • White iconic shirt
  • Double-breasted coat
  • Leather jacket
  • Black tux for the most formal of occasions
  • Denim shirt
  • Last but not least; Personality”

Frank GallucciSo, what’s next for Frank Gallucci Inc? Well, we’ll definitely be seeing him at the next Pitti Uomo, but in the meantime, he’s got plenty of irons in the fire. Apart from blowing up social media, don’t be surprised if you see more and more brands coming to him and with bigger exposure comes even bigger responsibility and more opportunities. What makes Frank Gallucci special is that he has the smarts, the substance and a genuine passion, which will make him a stayer in this fickle fashion industry. One gets the impression that he is just hitting his stride. You heard it here first. fundas huawei p20 Watch this space.