Introducing Getzner: Swiss Luxury Fabric Manufacturer

Getzner swiss luxury fabric

What do the Swiss do well? Watches, banking, skiing, neutrality, punctuality and they’re not bad chocolate makers either…make that outstanding chocolate makers. fundas huawei p20 But it might surprise some to learn that the Swiss are also renowned in the fashion and textile industries for producing some of the best luxury fabric for shirt-making in the world…and they chose to locate their main manufacturing operations in Bludenz, in the Austrian alps. When it comes to shirting fabrics, even the most discerning of male clothing tend to think automatically in terms of English, French or Italian manufacturers – and with good reason. fundas samsung galaxy a10 fundas huawei p8 lite However, many of the top tailors and fashion retailers (including Armani, Brioni, Canali and Kenzo to name a few) are regular customers of the Swiss luxury fabric producer, Getzner. Check out the Getzner Textile video Philippe Perzi Vienna is proud to add Getzner as a stable mate to that other famous luxury fabric producer, The Albini Group (Thomas Mason fabrics), from whom we source high quality fabric to make the majority of our men’s shirts. coque iphone 7 fundas samsung galaxy a50

So, why Getzner luxury fabric?

  • Getzner is family owned and has a long and esteemed history dating back to the early 19th Century, of weaving and spinning the finest cotton into the finest luxury fabric. fundas samsung galaxy s5 fundas samsung galaxy s8 plus Philippe Perzi Vienna, as a family owned and operated company likes to collaborate with similarly family owned companies dotted throughout Europe. We see this collaboration as a great match.
  • Getzner use only the highest quality raw materials and finest yarns to manufacture their luxury fabric made from Giza 45 Egyptian cotton (see our blog for more detail). fundas iphone x xs This fibre comprises less than 1% of the global cotton supply and the fibres are so fine that 1000m of thread weighs a mere 2 grams – Imagine how you’ll feel wearing a shirt made from this!
  • Getzner uses the finest yarns and borrows from traditional weaving technology – but being Swiss, they regularly update their equipment with the latest in modern technology and continue to make advances in spinning, weaving and the all important finishing process. fundas huawei y7 2019 By way of example, Getzner has developed a unique finishing process, which gives their luxury fabric unparalleled softness, lightness, comfort and a silky handle. custodia cover The fabrics also have ideal breathing properties and are designed not to fade, even after numerous washes and trips to the dry cleaner. fundas iphone 7 8 plus You know you’re wearing something special when you put on a shirt made from Getzner fabric.
  • Getzner have rigorous controls at every stage of the production process, which means their fabrics are flawless in appearance. fundas samsung galaxy s10e It is testament to the Swiss fabric maker’s precision and attention to detail and is a defining characteristic amongst luxury fabric manufacturers.

Getzner textile luxury fabrics Philippe Perzi Vienna are going to be showcasing a number of shirts made from Getzner fabric over the coming months – starting with the very dapper ‘Jack Buchanan’ shirt – stay tuned! If your lifestyle is distinguished by a demand for excellence and elegance in every facet of life, then you need to try our shirts made from Getzner luxury fabric.