An heir and a spare

Prince of wales check shirt

If you like luxury, crave comfort and are fond of a good glen plaid or perfect prince of wales check shirt, then you need to check out the latest additions to the Philippe Perzi Vienna collection: Royal Blue and Royal Purple. fundas iphone xs max Yep, we’ve added an heir and a spare! Seeing as though the English royals are in the spotlight right now, given the Scottish Independence Referendum this week, the 30th birthday of everyone’s favourite cad, Prince Harry and the announcement of a ‘spare heir’ to the throne, we thought it a fitting tribute and a happy coincidence, to name our latest checked shirts Royals. fundas samsung galaxy note10 custodia iphone But Royal isn’t just a noun, it’s a descriptive word to describe the vivid purple and blue that saturates these shirts, making them the perfect smart-casual shirts that exude quality and flair. custodia iphone fundas samsung galaxy a70 It’s worth noting that in a bygone era, the colours purple and blue were associated with royalty because those dyes were expensive and the colours, difficult to achieve, so were reserved for people with royal blood. custodia cover samsung fundas huawei p9 Sartorially inspired, yet traditional to a tee, these two shirts are made from Thomas Mason poplin fabric in 120 2-ply which makes them incredibly durable, but at the same time, soft, light and breathable…did we mention poplin is also easy to iron? Prince of wales check shirt

Here’s 3 reasons why you need these men’s shirts in your wardrobe

  • The glen plaid / prince of wales check shirt is a classic, reaching back centuries, but it makes for a rakish modern look that will have people looking twice
  • The prince of wales check shirt fabric is pattern-matched and mirrored, immediate tell-tale signs of a quality shirt. fundas samsung galaxy s8 plus fundas huawei p10 lite Check out our feature on what distinguishes a high quality shirt from a low quality shirt for more details
  • The cutaway collar and 2-button mitred cuff add an air of sophistication and elegance and epitomise classic European shirting at it’s finest. fundas huawei mate 20 fundas iphone 11 The perfect shirt for that Friday long lunch or weekend getaway

You may never be royal.