The hidden button-down collar shirt: A concealed weapon

hidden button-down collar shirt

If you’re a convert of the button-down collar shirt, and let’s face it, who isn’t a fan of the American original’s innate classiness, practicality and all-round old-school charm, then we’ve really got a treat for you: Introducing Philippe Perzi Vienna’s range of hidden button-down collar shirts.

Yes, you heard correctly. The clandestine cousin of the button-down collar shirt is making a one-off appearance and we expect these babies to go quickly!

What is a hidden button-down collar shirt?

The hidden button down collar shirt works in the same fashion as the traditional button-down, but instead of the buttons going through the collar itself, the little buttons are hidden under the collar but way of a secondary piece of fabric attached to the collar, which then fastens to the buttons. A picture speaks a thousand words though, so take a look for yourself in the below photo.

hidden button-down collar shirt


Philippe Perzi Vienna’s take on the hidden button-down collar shirt

An alternative design that some of you may have seen is where the buttons are hidden under the collar and attached to the shirt by loops of fabric, but we think that the unique Philippe Perzi Vienna design gives a more streamlined profile, is more elegant and gives the collar more structure. It’s also great for men who may not have made the foray into the button-down collar shirt department, because this shirt still offers all the elegance and formality of your traditional straight point collar, but with a little hidden gem.

Did someone say Gelato?

The latest additions to the Philippe Perzi Vienna range are in some of the most vivid and boldest colours we have seen to date and are right on trend for Spring/Summer.

Some of you may ask where the inspiration for the shirts names come from? Well, the answer is that they remind us very much of Gelato and in fact, these fresh colours were sported by men at the latest Pitti Uomo fair in Italy, so we decided to give these shirts names after gelato ‘flavours’ – Marrillen (orange shirt) means apricot. Pistazie (green shirt) means pistachio. Zanoni (blue shirt) is named after the best gelato joint in Vienna, so it seemed fitting. That and we couldn’t really come up with a flavor that was quite that colour blue…naturally anyway!

hidden button-down collar shirt

Here’s 3 reasons you need these shirts in your wardrobe:

  • The hidden button down collar shirt is really a new take on an old classic. We’ve taken the best of America’s natty invention and given it a little continental cosmetic surgery. These shirts are the ideal choice when you want to lend an air of distinction to an otherwise relaxed look, channel a little Ivy League prep, or really make a statement by injecting some jauntiness into your working wardrobe.
  • These shirts are made from Royal Oxford fabric in a very high thread-count (120/2). The fabric utilises ultra fine yarns, giving the shirt fabric a silkier and softer feel than a standard Oxford shirt fabric. The basket weave (warp and weft threads crossing each other in pairs) gives the fabric a distinctive checkerboard appearance and enhances the vivid colour of the fabric, which is why these shirts really pop! Check out our blog on shirt fabrics for more details.
  • The intensity of the colours and because they’re solids, makes these shirts the ideal anchor from which to add complementary accessories; We’re talking a tie with regimental stripes – a look inspired by old world images of American society at play in Rhode Island. A navy blazer with a complementary pocket square or simply wear a pair of crazy coloured socks which give lucky onlookers a mere glimpse of the sartorial spectacle you will truly be!

If you like button down collar shirts – you will love these. And if you don’t like button down collar shirts…you’re in luck, because the hidden button means your collar will look like a traditional straight point, but with a concealed weapon. Give them a try – shop now!