Keystones of a high quality shirt at a glance

High quality shirt

Any man who takes his clothes seriously, will insist on wearing a high quality shirt and there’s a reason for that; The right shirt is the cornerstone of a man’s wardrobe. Every man will have his favourite brand or designer from which he buys his shirts. There may be many reasons why a man buys a particular brand of shirt; it may be the cut, the quality of the fabrics, the type of collar and cuff, or the variety of colours on offer or simply because of the brand’s cachet. But what separates a high quality shirt from one that is more middle of the road? What separates the players from the pretenders (check out our interactive guide)?

We’re biased, but we consider Philippe Perzi Vienna shirts amongst the finest in the world. We would definitely consider ourselves ‘players’ in the high quality shirt stakes. So confident are we in this assertion, we happily offer our customers a money back guarantee. The truth is, we want every man who wears our shirts to feel confident, comfortable, suave and sophisticated when he puts on a Philippe Perzi Vienna shirt every day.

Here are just a few reasons why when you buy a Philippe Perzi Vienna shirt, you know you’re buying a high quality shirt.

The collar – a high quality shirt stands to attention

A high quality shirt has removable collar stays – those little plastic (or metal) arrow shaped objects that slide into the corners of the collar to maintain stiffness, give the correct curve and prevent the tips from turning up. A collar that maintains its stiffness is a mainstay of male elegance and as Alan Flusser says “the last bastion against slovenliness.” All Philippe Perzi Vienna shirts have cutaway collars and come with removable collar stays as shown in the photo below. Wearing a high quality shirt will ensure that your face will be the object of attention rather than any wayward collars.

Additionally, a high quality shirt will have interlining, which gives the collar structure and adds some weight. All Philippe Perzi Vienna shirts incorporate Swiss-made lining by Wendler of Switzerland, which prevents shrinkage and wrinkling of the collars by using superior special fusible lining. Read more about high quality shirt collars in our interactive guide .

High quality shirts from Thomas Mason

Fabric – a high quality shirt should be luxurious

A shirt is only as good as the fabric that makes it and a high quality shirt is made of 100% Egyptian cotton. At Philippe Perzi Vienna, we only use 2-ply Egyptian cotton in the highest thread counts and in many cases, we use Giza 45 Egyptian cotton – the best of the best cotton in the world, which definitely makes us a high quality shirt producer (check out our blog on making the best shirts in the world). We use fabrics from the doyen of fine shirting, Thomas Mason (owned by the Albini Group) – who still makes cotton fabrics in the traditional way. The combination of a special twist given to the fine yarns, plus the traditional pure finishing method, confer a special lustre and softness to the fabrics, which will be evident to you as soon as you open the box and see your high quality shirt waiting to be worn. Philippe Perzi Vienna makes shirts that are smoother, crisper and more luxurious than any other high quality shirt maker out there. Read more about the importance of fine fabrics in our interactive guide.

high quality shirt

Buttons – tough as nails

Traditional buttons made of mother-of-pearl are obligatory features of a high quality shirt. Mother-of-pearl buttons are so hard that they will break the needle of a sewing machine. A good quality shirt will also have buttons that are sewn on with a cross-stitch, so they are more secure. Naturally, Philippe Perzi Vienna buttons are made from mother-of-pearl and engraved with our name, so you’re assured of receiving the genuine article. Read more about the buttons of a high quality shirt in our interactive guide.

high quality shirt

Plackets and pleating – a high quality shirt should be practical and stylish

On a high quality shirt, the cloth of the sleeve is pleated several times where it meets the cuff (either French cuff or button cuff). In addition, there is usually a small button above the cuff that prevents the sleeve opening up to reveal the arm in an unflattering way. Alternatively, the small button can open up to make rolling up your sleeves easier. All Philippe Perzi Vienna shirts have pleating around the cuff and a small button on the placket so you can roll your sleeves up to reveal some of that colourful contrasting fabric.

high quality shirt

There are many more characteristics that define a high quality shirt and in short, these can be explored through our interactive guide. The important thing to know is, when you wear a high quality shirt, not only will you notice, others will take note as well; for there is no hiding the imperfections or shoddy quality of shirts that are not made to the highest of standards. You sir, deserve the best. Start shopping the Philippe Perzi Vienna collection of high quality shirts now!