How to wear long sleeved shirts with with shorts

Philippe Perzi Long sleeved shirts with shorts

With the Australian summer now over, we are left to endure what we antipodeans like to refer to as winter –if you can call 18 degree days and watery sunshine winter. collier argent rectangulaire collierpascher4367 So whilst it might be time to rug-up down under, the northern hemisphere is just heating up with Summer just around the corner and that means it’s time to roll up the sleeves, grab yourself an Aperol Spritz and get shorty. But how to pull off such a casual look without looking sloppy? Easy. bracelet cuir homme artisanal quebec 723braceletpascher7100 custodia cover iphone Check out our guide to wearing long sleeved shirts and shorts. collier perle fil transparent collierpascher4710 fundas iphone 11

Get tailored

When we say it’s time to get shorty, we aren’t referring to shorts higher than mid-thigh and we’re definitely talking tailored, not tight. bracelet homme chic 718braceletpascher3529 Give a wide berth to anything baggy or that resembles cargo shorts and keep detailing like large pockets, pleats etc. to the bare minimum. Fabrics such as linen, chino and seersucker are classics and will certainly hold their own in smart casual summer settings. fundas samsung galaxy s8 plus fundas samsung galaxy s4


Obviously neutral colours like beige, white, navy or grey are safe and will go with most things in your wardrobe, but given the warmer weather, wearing pops of colour such as green, yellow and red will really make a statement. minuscule zircon cubique a la mode bleu oeil boucles doreilles de luxe pave complet cz cristal boucles doreilles pour les femmes bijoux de mode e h0398 fundas samsung galaxy s7 If you’re going to wear shorts, do it with panache.

Belt up

To complete the polished look, you should definitely wear a belt. fundas huawei p30 pro fundas samsung galaxy s8 plus This isn’t the occasion to wear that black or brown belt you’d ordinarily wear with a suit. iphone hoesje There’s a plethora of stylish casual belts out there from elasticised woven or braided belts to canvas and they come in a wide variety of colours to complement your ensemble.

Roll up the sleeves

The idea of wearing a long sleeved shirt with shorts might seem counterintuitive. I mean, why wear long sleeves when the idea is to cool down? Of course you can wear a t-shirt or short-sleeved shirt with shorts, but for a polished look, try a long sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up. fundas samsung galaxy s9 plus If you’re wearing a good quality shirt made from 100% Egyptian cotton, then you’ll remain cool and avoid sweating too much. montre cluse femme bracelet cuir 718braceletpascher1063 fundas huawei p20 pro Rolling the sleeves isn’t too difficult and there are several ways to do it – the easiest way is to undo all buttons on the gauntlet and fold the shirt cuff back on itself a number of times till you reach a point just below the elbows. collier pour chien lumineux led collierpascher6067 fundas huawei p9 lite


There’s a bit of latitude here with regards to footwear, but boat shoes, loafers, driving shoes such as the Tod’s brand, canvas sneakers and slip-on plimsolls work the best. Avoiding socks altogether is your best bet but if you must, make sure they’re the anklet variety. iphone 6 hoesjes

Philippe Perzi Long sleeved shirts with shorts Philippe wears Innere Stadt of Mind (purple) $159 available online, shorts and belt available in Vienna store.