Men’s Business Shirts: Ready, Set, Go

Men's business shirts

Men’s business shirts get a lot of attention and for good reason. Whether the market or the sentiment is going up or down, you need to put your best foot forward and be ready. First impressions count and no other piece in your wardrobe can make or break your outfit like a quality and stylish business shirt. Here are our favourite men’s business shirts for looking sharp in the office, the boardroom or on the beat.

The Banker Shirt

  • Men's business shirts
  • Men's business Shirts
Nothing says power dressing like men’s business shirts with a banker style collar. fundas huawei mate 20 lite The contrast between the white collar and cuff and the shirting fabric is perfect for drawing attention to your face, especially if you have a high contrast complexion (dark hair and fairer skin). Although men in Europe commonly wear the ‘banker style’ shirt, and not just in the office, unfortunately, men’s business shirts of this style are sometimes unjustly given a bad wrap for the being associated with “Gordon Gekko” (see our previous blog). Fact is, there’s a lot of competition out there, so set yourself apart from the crowd with some of our striking men’s business shirts; Der Chef, with wide blue graphic stripes and a contrasting collar and cuff blatantly says you mean business, or soften the high contrasting look with pastels like Fuchsia Fiasco and Greenback Boogie.

From neutral to 100 in under 3 seconds

Men's business Shirts Neutral coloured men’s business shirts often dominate the power-dressing wardrobe. fundas huawei y6 2018 But power-dressing aside, every man should have basic white and light blue business shirts in his repertoire. fundas huawei p10 The cornerstones of power dressing are a white or light blue business shirt and dark suit. This provides the ideal base from which to add some high contrast in the form of a bold coloured tie. For a plain men’s business shirt to make a statement, it really needs to espouse quality through and through. Philippe Perzi Vienna only makes high quality shirts and we have a range of men’s business shirts and bold silk ties which should be essentials in your wardrobe. coque samsung a10 Edelweis and Franz Joseph are the quintessential men’s business shirts you need to build your power outfit. Made from the finest Egyptian cotton in high thread counts, which drape beautifully, these men’s business shirts are for those who like to treat themselves to the finer things in life. Combine these classic men’s business shirts with a Red and White textured tie to look stylish and still conservative, or take yourself out of the comfort zone and combine it with a Paisley Cerise Philippe Perzi Vienna tie for added flair.

Men’s business shirts with Cutaway collars

Men's business Shirts The spread or cutaway collar is historically a more formal look popularised by British and European men. fundas samsung galaxy s6 edge It’s the perfect collar for power dressing as it will allow you to wear a tie with a larger knot, drawing attention to your face. Wearing a spread or cutaway collar helps a man command attention and exudes confidence. fundas samsung galaxy note10 A spread collar naturally balances out a slim face and will give a man with a medium to wider face more authority or ‘presence’ in the room. coque iphone 6 All Philippe Perzi Vienna’s men’s business shirts have cutaway collars, and for this reason are the perfect choice for looking sharp. Some of our favourite men’s business shirts from the Philippe Perzi Vienna collection with particular focus on the cutaway collar are pictured above. Clockwise L-R: Steel and Stripes, Innere Stadt of Mind (Blue), Pursuit of Happiness and Wyndham Stripe.

Men’s Business Shirts with French cuffs

Men's business Shirts French cuffs, although not a must (check out our blog: Cuff Choice), are a nice touch when paired with the right suit and a pair of stylish cufflinks. coque iphone xs fundas iphone 7 8 se2020 Once reserved for more formal occasions, men’s business shirts with French cuffs are very popular for power dressing men. fundas samsung galaxy s6 edge It’s a classic and elegant detail on your shirt that reinforces the image of a polished and confident man who cares about the details. Philippe Perzi Vienna has some stunning men’s business shirts with French cuffs, many with contrasting fabric on the underside, only visible to the discerning viewer. Check out some of our favourites pictured above. Clockwise L-R: Victor’s Geheimnis, Greenback Boogie and Sachertorte to Me!

Quality remains long after the price is forgotten

Men's business Shirts Power dressing is about looking the part and projecting the right image. In short, you should look a million bucks. So with this in mind, don’t skimp on quality when selecting business shirts. Choose fabrics that are soft, lustrous, and silky and that drape beautifully over the torso. You’ll look better and feel classier. Philippe Perzi Vienna only uses the finest quality Egyptian cotton; we even use Giza 45 – the best of the best (see our blog: The Best Egyptian Cotton Shirts). Our shirts are manufactured with expert European craftsmanship and each one is inspected no less than 3 times by the Philippe Perzi Vienna team, ensuring our customers get the highest quality men’s business shirts around, but it won’t break the bank. Some of Philippe Perzi Vienna’s favourite men’s business shirts using the best of the best; Giza 45 Egyptian cotton, are in the picture above. custodia cover samsung fundas samsung galaxy s4 Clockwise L-R: Ascona, Viel Spaß, Sloane Ranger, Herzschmerz.

Alan Flusser, arguably one of the best known commentators on the art of men’s style and dressing says “Power dressing is about learning to present yourself in the most dramatic way… it’s about dressing in a manner that projects importance or success.” Remember these words gents, whether you intend to power dress or not, you should always put your best foot forward in the style stakes. First impressions count and with so much of your audience’s attention grabbed by your shirt and tie, you’d be wise to start browsing the Philippe Perzi Vienna collection of men’s business shirts and ties.