The new collection: Men’s shirts

Philippe Perzi Vienna

Philippe Perzi Vienna’s latest men’s shirt collection has just landed! Crisp, lustrous and luxurious, these newest additions to the range are designed, as always, for the gent who appreciates classic European shirting at it’s finest. iphone 6 hoesjes Made from a selection of Thomas Mason, Getzner and Loro Piana fabrics in 120s and 140s thread count and Giza 45 Egyptian Cotton, these men’s shirts are made from only the best shirting fabrics in the world, a difference in quality that you’ll notice as soon as you feel the fabric on your skin. fundas samsung galaxy s8 plus So, what can you expect from this latest collection?

Plenty of Blues

Bright colours are always a welcome addition to the wardrobe, but let’s be honest, nothing comes close to the simple and refined elegance of a crisp pale blue dress shirt and the world over, blue shirts are the most favoured by men; so for that reason, we’ve added plenty of this hue to the palette ranging from sky to cerulean in solids, solid-colour wovens, stripes and checks. fundas huawei p20 pro fundas huawei p8 Men's Shirts Philippe Perzi Vienna Pictured above, left to right; First row: Belvedere, Capri, Paradiso. Second row: Oskar, Luftig mark II, Felix. Third row: Bernina, Alberto, Albertina.

Diversity in collar and cuffs

Along with our cutaway collar and Italian cutaway collar (even more spread than usual) men’s shirts, if you’re on the hunt for that extra nuance of nattiness, then look no further than the club collar shirt. fundas huawei p8 lite coque iphone 6 We’ve added the very Gatsby-esque “Harrow” to the collection, which has a contrasting white collar and cuff with an Eton or club collar and made from Giza 45 Egyptian cotton. “Christoph” and “Ambassador” are similarly rakish shirts and will definitely set you apart from the general pop. With contrasting white collars and made from Giza 45 Egyptian cotton, the unique weave of the fabrics really add some texture to the shirts and certainly help draw attention to your visage, which is ultimately what a great shirt should do. For those gents who like to wear their cuffs a little larger, to accommodate a big watch or even some wrist jewelry, we have the perfect shirts for you. fundas samsung galaxy s20 fundas samsung galaxy s10 “Belvedere” and “Belvedere mark II” are designed with the simplicity of a single button cuff, but we’ve added an extra button for ease of adjusting larger or smaller. fundas huawei mate 10 Plus, we think it looks cool and is a great way to introduce some Sprezzatura into your look. fundas samsung galaxy a40 Men's Shirts Philippe Perzi Vienna Pictured above, left to right: Ambassador, Harrow, Belvedere.


If you’re partial to pink, like a bit of lilac or you’re ready to go green, then we’ve got some striking beauties in the collection vying for attention. Even if you’re a strident proponent of classic white and blue men’s shirts for office wear, we think every man has room in his life (and his shirt rotation for that matter) for a bit of colour. fundas iphone 11 pro Nothing will draw attention, in the right way, quite like a burst of colour under a dark suit or worn more casually open necked with chinos, jeans or shorts, with or without the sleeves rolled up. Many of our latest additions to the collection come with contrasting fabric inside the collar and cuffs, a little detail that you can opt to display or hide, depending on the occasion. fundas samsung galaxy s5 Stay on point and browse some of our more colourful shirts in the collection.