Monte Carlo: Gentlemen…Los geht’s!

Los geht’s – “here we go” – isn’t just one of the trendiest shirts in the new Philippe Perzi Vienna collection, with a high standing cutaway collar, beautiful check pattern and made from the finest Egyptian cotton. It is also the most appropriate call for this weekend – with the glitterati descending on the exclusive citadel that is Monaco for the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the worlds most prestigious and glitzy sporting events. It is also considered to be one of the slowest and hardest of all the races involved in the Formula 1 World Championship. First held in 1929, the Monaco Grand Prix course winds it’s way around the immaculate streets of Monte Carlo, past casinos, palaces and the super-yacht filled marina.

You need only mention the name of this destination and fast cars, high rollers, haute couture and the über wealthy instantly spring to mind – Monte Carlo is a town full of superlatives and is a veritable hive of glamour at the quietest of times and shifts into high octane gear every May when the Formula 1 Grand Prix comes to town.

Monaco is a special place. There is nowhere else on earth where you’ll find genteel, white-gloved gendarmes, more than forty banks, more luxury brands than you can poke a stick at and almost five hundred sophisticated 24 hour surveillance cameras within a 2 square kilometer radius. This tiny country is a tax haven, which makes it an attractive residence for the worlds rich and famous, including many current day Formula 1 drivers, who call this seaside principality home – at least for part of the year.

When stepping out in Monaco, dress like a tourist at your peril. Don’t make the mistake of arriving in shorts and t-shirt unless you want to stand out like the dog’s proverbials. Even during the summer months, when the temperatures can soar to the high 20s, you must dress at least in smart-casual attire when wandering around the streets, if for nothing else, for fear of standing out for all the wrong reasons and fouling up the flawless ambiance of the place.

So, when we talk “smart-casual” we don’t mean your best shorts and t-shirt or well-worn denim and flip flops. For the gents, when walking around during the day, this strictly means a collared shirt with trousers paired with loafers or even better – car shoes (perfect for cruising around in your Ferrari or Lamborghini). No shorts, no t-shirts and no open toed footwear. As Monaco can get pretty hot during the summer months, opt for lightweight collared shirts in 100% cotton. Good advice in general no matter where you go and absolutely essential in places like Monaco.

Philippe Perzi Vienna has many suitable options for stepping out in style and comfort. All our shirts are 100% Egyptian cotton and many of our shirts are made of especially fine cotton called ‘Zephyr’ – aptly named after a very light and gentle wind. From our current collection of shirts, this lightweight fabric has been used in A Schilling for your thoughts, Viola on my mind, Steel and Stripes, Swagger, Harvey Spector, Alpen Blau and of course Niki Lauder (Mauve). The latter being a nod to Austria’s most accomplished Formula 1 driver and two time back-to-back Monaco Grand Prix winner Niki Lauda. All the shirts look great when you roll up your sleeves, whether it be for the oil change or simply to cool off. Or turn up your cuffs to reveal the contrasting fabric, which offers a subtle yet stylish touch to your outfit.

The Monte Carlo Casino is the centre of the city’s sophistication and if venturing into the casino during the evening, whether you are a serious player or just having a flutter, a dark suit with tie or even a tuxedo is a better option if you want to look the part. The Philippe Perzi Vienna Franz Joseph dress shirt works very well as a versatile but formal shirt and perfect for setting off a black or dark tie from the Philippe Perzi Vienna collection, such as Dots Silver, Dots Gold or Paisley Grey. There is a reason after all, why this beautiful white shirt carries the name of one of Austria’s great emperors.  The Monte Carlo casino formed the backdrop for Ian Flemming’s first Bond novel, Casino Royale. Ironically, Monégasques are not permitted to gamble in their own casinos, and as you’ll be fitting in so seamlessly thanks to your Philippe Perzi Vienna shirts and our style tips, bring your passport to prove you’re not native.

For those who aren’t gamblers, you won’t be taking a punt on where to get a good meal in this town and for serious foodies, this is heaven. Monte Carlo has some of the best food in the South of France, thanks to some of the world’s greatest chefs including Joël Robuchon and Alain Ducasse. The former’s restaurant is at the Metropole Hotel, the latter at the Hôtel de Paris. When venturing out in Monte Carlo during the evening, if going to a restaurant or to one of the trendy bars or nightclubs such as the famous Jimmyz or Buddah Bar, the dress code usually requires a jacket, dress shirt and tie. A sports jacket or a linen suit is a great option. Think Riviera Chic – Blue, red, white, yellow are all safe colours and can be worn interchangeably. The limited edition Philippe Perzi Vienna tie range has some stunning ties such as Solid Gold, Solid BronzeRed and White Textured and Baroque that would all complement the many blue shirts in our collection and have you looking the part. You’ll have no concerns about being allowed on the other side of the velvet rope if you dress well and then all you need to do is grab a Martini and keep your eyes peeled for celebrities such as David Coulthard, Novak Djokovic , Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button to name but a few who call this playground home.

Although most well-known for the Formula 1 Grand Prix, Monte Carlo plays host to many other events all year round such as the Rolex Tennis Masters, the Rose ball, a huge yacht show, a golf tournament, flower show and other automobile races – it’s a glitzy place where most of us will always feel a little like an outsider, but there’s no reason you can’t indulge for a week to visit this remarkable principality and dress to look every bit the part of the jet-set crowd.