Birds of a feather flock together…so flock you peacocks, flock!

Men's Tie

Philippe Perzi Vienna has added to our collection with sensational new whimsical animal motif ties. fundas iphone 6 6s plus Motif ties with swans, storks, seahorses, fish and ladybirds are amongst the collection, printed onto 100% silk twill and hand made in Italy. fundas huawei p30 pro fundas huawei p9 Motif ties Above left to right, clockwise: Seepferdchen, Schwan, Marienkäfer, Flamingo, Weißstorch, Skaler. fundas samsung galaxy s7 edge fundas samsung galaxy s8 plus All motif ties are $129

Motif Ties: novelty ties without the stigma

These animal motif ties are screen printed onto the silk in an all-over geometric design that from a distance, makes it look like you’re wearing a conservative pattern, but up close, the discerning viewer will see the subject matter. Now you can wear a ‘novelty tie’ without the stigma! Whether you’re a ‘sandgroper’ from Western Australia and fancy donning the swan, find yourself relating to the power, strength and steadfastness associated with the seahorse, or just like the colour of the tie, there’s a motif tie perfect for you. fundas samsung galaxy s6 edge fundas huawei p20 lite Motif ties Above left to right, clockwise: Skaler, Weißstorch, Flamingo, Marienkäfer, Schwan, Seepferdchen,

Printing Motif Ties

For those of you unfamiliar with the business of cravatology (design motifs), it is an incredibly involved process, with the intricate patterns requiring many man hours of work. fundas iphone xr fundas iphone x xs Apprentices undertake many years of apprenticeship to be able to master the art of screen printing on silk. fundas huawei mate 20 fundas huawei p20 Firstly, the artisans have to separate the individual colours and then one by one, they use ‘screens’ to cover and uncover the specific areas of the design to be printed. custodia samsung fundas samsung galaxy s6 Each colour of ink has to be separately applied to the silk; It has been likened to doing a jigsaw puzzle in reverse.