New Ties Online: Prepare to tie one on

New ties online

If the arrival of our brand new polo shirts and pocket squares wasn’t enough excitement for one week, we were practically convulsing when our brand new ties arrived a couple of days ago. Due to popular demand and with perfect timing for Christmas, Philippe Perzi Vienna has 25 new ties online in very limited editions, in vivid hues and a fresh range of patterns, ranging from the traditional paisley, dots and stripes to more contemporary plaids and whimsical repeating motifs. The hard part will be trying to choose from the collection! Handmade with painstaking attention to detail and woven in France, Italy and Germany from only the finest silk, linen and cotton, when you wear a Philippe Perzi Vienna tie, you can be assured that you’re choosing a one of a kind, high quality piece of plumage – signalling simultaneously to the world that you take pride in your clothes and that you care about that extra 10 percent. Don’t be fooled, the casual business dress code might be ok for some, but if you really want to command authority and stand out from the pack, wear a tie! You can thank us later when you’re the boss.

Our range of new ties online at a glance is summarised below:

A fresh take on regimental stripes

We have the British to thank for the classic regimental stripes sported by all members of the male species from school-boy to CEO.

Thankfully, tie designers from Italy and France have loosened up Britannia’s conventional stripe arrangements and colour combinations – there’s nothing regimental about our stripy new ties online. Pictured below is Prater after dark and Barkia fresca.

New ties online

Did you know that the ‘correct’ direction of the diagonal stripe is from the left shoulder down towards the right side? This is to coincide with the jacket’s traditional left-over-right fastening. An additional style pointer for all those gents with a wider physique; diagonal stripes slim the body and chisel away breadth from the face. Now, what’s not to love?

Our new ties online are doing the highland fling

Tartan or plaid ties have always attracted the traditionalists due to their rich Scottish heritage. But our stunning new collection of plaid ties are a long way from their Scottish roots. Made in Italy from silk and a linen-cotton mix, these ties are made for the gentleman who knows how to take a solid suit and dress shirt from pedestrian to POW! Pictured below is Oranjekoorts and Parson’s Green.

New ties online

The Paisley

Here’s some trivia for you; did you know that Freud (a fellow Austrian) thought the paisley tie symbolised virility? But seriously, the humble paisley tie has come a long way since its origins, which date back to the Babylonian civilization and its association with the English upper-middle class as being their ‘fun tie.’ Philippe Perzi Vienna’s new ties online include more than a few paisley patterned ties that are rich in colour and have a beautiful ‘hand.’ The beauty of these paisley ties is that they’ll take your outfit from simple to incredibly stylish with a quick flick of the wrist. Pictured below from L-R is Bergamo, Bellagio and Como.

New ties online

Dots and small repeating shapes

If you’re used to wearing plain ties but want to enliven your outfit by slowly dipping your toe in the water, then polka dots are the way to go, before progressing onto small repeating patterns. Polka dot ties have always been exceedingly popular, probably due to their versatility and friendly partnership with striped suits. Our new ties online therefore, include plenty of dots and small repeating motifs to satisfy all gents. Pictured below from L-R is Teufelshorn, Vertersee and The Hackl.

New ties online

Gentlemen, it’s time to revisit the ultimate men’s accessory – The tie is one of the few pieces of sartorial arsenal that you have to distinguish yourself and make a statement about your taste, stylistic preferences and even your position in the world. It’s often that extra 10 percent that makes the difference, and the humble tie can inject a lot of bang for your buck! Come and shop our new ties online now and stay tuned for more…