Pitti Uomo 86: A muster of peacocks

Pitti Uomo 86 Frank Gallucci

Here are some of our personal favourites from the Pitti Uomo 86 fair. Although there were many, many well-dressed gents and we could have a roll-call of hundreds who caught out attention, here are 10 who we thought deserved a call-out, either because they were quintessentially classy, had their own unique style or in other cases, just plain nailed it. Enjoy!

Best use of accessories

This devil-may-care rake made a strong entrance on Day 1 of the Pitti Uomo fair. At a time of day when many gents were still doing their hair, or at least enjoying their first espresso and cigarette of the day, this guy rocked up ready for business. Wearing something old and something new; the latest shades and what appears to be a vintage or well-worn brown leather bag, nonchalantly thrown over his shoulder. fundas samsung galaxy s20 fundas huawei y6 2019 We love that he is fashion-forward, with the trousers rolled-up, shoes without laces, yet he brings it back with a classic white shirt and plaid sports jacket with patch pockets. Pitti Uomo 86

The dynamic Carillo duo

Alessandro (on the left of the first photo below) and Andrea (on the right of the first photo) Carillo nailing it on Day 1 and Day 2 (respectively) of the Pitti Uomo fair. fundas samsung galaxy s5 Individually, either one of them would shine, but as a duo…they knock the ball out of the park. We really like the details of their outfits and the way they deliberately coordinate with each other and even mix and match elements of the same outfit with each other. For example, on Day 1, walking towards the Fortezza da Basso, Alessandro wears the jacket and Andrea, the matching trousers of the same suit. On both days of the Pitti Uomo fair, these dapper Neapolitans showcase some of the major trends we saw, being neutrals, reflective and colourful sunglasses, gelato colours (aqua) and navy suiting. fundas iphone 11 Bravo Andrea and Alessandro. 2014-06-28_0002

Riccardo Maria Angelo Viganò – the Milanese Maven

Not only is Riccardo one of the coolest guys at the Pitti Uomo fair, he is one of the nicest. His innate sense of style and Milanese nonchalence makes him one of the darlings of street style photographers. fundas samsung galaxy s20 ultra At a tender age, he is already an established tailor and has collaborated with some of the bigger names in the fashion world. Check out our blog for more details on this promising young designer. Pictured below on Day 1 of the Pitti Uomo fair, for a guy with four names, Riccardo shows a remarkably simple yet striking look. coque iphone x fundas iphone 7 8 plus Riccardo wears a light-grey double-breasted jacket, a classic white shirt and a simple blue tie as a canvas from which to showcase his Italia Independent blue velvet sunglasses and bright, paisley, pocket square, perfectly positioned. This is a stylish and very wearable look that many gents can emulate. coque iphone 8 Pitti Uomo 86 Riccardo Maria Angelo Viganò

Frank Gallucci – Never did Ping Pong look so good

It helps when you’re wearing a well-tailored, double-breasted blue suit and rocking the perfect quiff; Frank Galluci, slogging it out on the table tennis astro-turf, looks immaculate. fundas samsung galaxy a3 The key to Frank’s look is his respect for classic masculine lines and blue shirt with a cutaway collar, whilst adding some panache with splashes of colour, pictured here with a paisley tie and some wrist bling. Throw in a pair of tortoise-shell rimmed sunnies and tasselled-loafers, and you too can look this good, even when playing Ping Pong. 2014-06-28_0006

The iconic Lino Ieluzzi – a cut above the rest

No Pitti Uomo fair would be complete without Lino Ieluzzi. Owner of Milanese boutique, Al Bazar, Lino’s mastery of the art of ‘sprezzatura’ has made him one of the true icons of men’s fashion, a celebrity in his own right, celebrated by street style photographers and fashion bloggers all over the world. And you can see why. His energy is infectious, his presence magnetic and although plenty of gents try, his style really is inimitable. The below pictures (viewed anticlockwise) capture the moment Lino makes an entrance into the Pitti Uomo main square on Day 1 and encapsulates everything we love about this iconic gent. Pitti Uomo Lino Ieluzzi

Flawless…absolutely flawless

It’s all about simple tailoring here…and supreme confidence. The gent on the right was probably one of the most classically dressed gents (by Pitti standards) and yet he shone because his suit was obviously high quality and fitted him like a glove, resulting in this runway worthy stride. Sometimes, it’s the basics that capture attention…in this case, a navy blue suit with notched lapels, white shirt and navy and white striped tie, topped off with a white pocket square with a simple TV fold. Pitti Uomo 86

Mariano di Vaio – Young n’ fabulous

This is a guy that must wake up every day, look in the mirror and say “FML.” Seriously though, Mariano di Vaio is one popular guy. iphone custodia At any one time, there was a swarm of photographers surrounding him, and it’s easy to see why. He’s a natural in front of the camera and knows a thing or two about how to dress. This is what we call nonchalance to a tee. Mariano is king of unstructured tailoring – keeping things stylish but laid back. A double-breasted jacket in denim and linen is mixed with a t-shirt and chinos. Throw in a pair of trendy sunnies, a fedora and a pocket square…along with a healthy dose of swagger and perfect hair and you have yourself a look that screams rockstar.Pitti Uomo 86

Loving linen

The guy on the right of this photo wears a look that could take him anywhere – from business to play. Linen is perfect for warmer months, whilst the aqua colour is right on trend for Spring/Summer 2015. It’s the perfect example of smart casual in summer and whilst incredibly stylish, remains sleek and ‘unfussy.’ A simple pocket square and peaked lapels elevate the sports jacket to a more refined look whilst the patch pockets keep the jacket relaxed and unstructured. The cutaway collar and simple four-in-hand tie knot completes this stylish Italian look and is one of our personal favourites from the Pitti Uomo fair. Pitti Uomo 86

Breaking bad

Seemingly breaking all the rules…but getting away with it. bague homme These two stood out for their confidence and bon vivance for fashion. Their look is unique, relaxed and one that few could possibly emulate with as much success as these two. We love that these guys eschew a standard look and have embraced their own style. It’s shabby chic to a tee and shows that fashion comes and goes…style is forever. Pitti Uomo 86

They call me mellow yellow…

Another of our personal favourites, this is the look of a gentlemen with refined taste. It’s classic, stylish, on-trend without being overtly ostentatious. His pocket square is flamboyantly placed, but otherwise his look is very elegant and he struck us as someone with nothing to prove as he is a well-established player. Navy and yellow are nautical in nature and will stand the test of time. This guy could have been photographed 10 years ago or in 10 years time and still be on a best dressed list.