Pocket Squares: Symbols of Sartorial Gentility

Pocket Squares

OK, we’re just a little bit excited! Philippe Perzi Vienna has recently taken delivery of some stunning pocket squares. Hand-rolled, hand-stitched and finished with painstaking attention to detail, these pocket squares have been made in France and Italy and you can take it from us, you will not find finer artisanal workmanship anywhere else in the world. This collection of pocket squares, many courtesy of Simonnot Godard, has something for every gentleman; from brightly coloured linens with tartan and polka dots, to classic white cotton-linen mixes and silks with small repeating patterns. Whatever the occasion, whatever look you want to achieve, come and discover our exclusive range of one-of-a-kind pocket squares to complement your ensemble.

Pocket Squares

Pocket Squares are making a comeback

In our humble opinion, not enough men wear pocket squares, especially not enough Australian men. Philippe Perzi Vienna longs for the halcyon days of male elegance to return, when every respectable male carried a handkerchief or pocket square as a symbol of gentility and social rank. But, we have seen a resurgence in the popularity of this humble little piece of material. In our opinion, the pocket square is not just experiencing a ‘fashion moment’ driven by Mad Men and Suits devotees. Rather, we think that today’s modern men are more in tune than ever with what their sophisticated European counterparts are wearing and are seeking to emulate this sartorial splendor. Anyone who recently attended the spring racing carnival in Sydney or Melbourne would be heartened to see so many men looking dapper, often thanks to a pocket square peeking out of their breast pocket. The influence of social media and men’s style blogs such as D’Marge, The Versatile Gent and Man of Many cannot be discounted either, with their relevant and up to the minute content reminding men of the importance of investing in their wardrobes. Philippe Perzi Vienna’s linen pocket squares with polka dots and tartan are the perfect accessory for the racing season, the polo or for just peacocking around.

Pocket Squares

Pocket Squares: helping you fake it till you make it

With the advent of the lounge suit in the late 19th Century, all traditionally tailored coats have featured an angled chest pocket, not for cigarettes or glasses, but to display a little flourish; the pocket square. Without some form of pocket candy, the breast pocket appears redundant and the outfit somehow unfinished. Some men may avoid wearing pocket squares because they are afraid of potentially committing a fashion crime or for fear of appearing too showy, but nothing could be further from the truth – a casually folded white pocket square is the quickest and least expensive way to transform an ordinary suit into a more expensive look, at least until you can afford to invest in bespoke Canali, Brioni or Tom Ford. Check out some of Philippe Perzi Vienna’s white linen/cotton pocket squares.

Pocket Squares Simonnot Godard

Pocket Squares: distinguish yourself in a sea of suits

In the main, men only have so many options when it comes to showing off their personality through their wardrobe. It’s easy to blend into the crowd in a sea of dark suits. Pocket squares however, are one of the few remaining accessories in your repertoire on which you can call upon to distinguish yourself. Pocket squares offer the modern gentleman an opportunity to express your individuality, whether you opt for a simple white linen pocket square or select something more brightly coloured or patterned. Don’t be nervous of standing out from the crowd.

Pocket Squares

The French call them mouchoir, the Italians fazzoletto, the Germans Einstecktuch (why does everything sound better in French and Italian), but however you want to say it, pocket squares, pocket-handkerchiefs, hanks, pochettes are part of the minutiae of male style that conveys confidence, individuality and elegance. Shop the Philippe Perzi Vienna collection now!