How much is that puppytooth shirt in the window?

puppytooth shirt

Luftig and Frisch – truer words have never been spoken in relation to these two stunning new puppytooth patterned shirts in the Philippe Perzi Vienna collection.

For those of you who don’t “Sprechen Sie Deutsch,’ Luftig means light and airy and Frisch means fresh, crisp, cool or new. Next time we might teach you something useful, like how to order something from the bar or ask for directions, but for now all you need to know is that you need these two shirts in your wardrobe.

Made from Thomas Mason Royal Twill fabric in a distinctly fresh and easy to wear light and dark blue, these two shirts drape beautifully and quite simply, are must haves for your shirt rotation.

With a micro houndstooth pattern, also known as puppytooth, contrasting fabric inside the collar and cuff, and Italian cutaway collar, these shirts epitomise classic European shirting at its finest.

As with all Philippe Perzi Vienna shirts, Luftig and Frisch are made from the best Egyptian cotton available and in very high thread counts, which makes these shirts durable but at the same time, soft, light and breathable – we’d say these shirts have truly earned their monikers.

puppytooth shirt

3 Reasons why you need these puppytooth shirts in your wardrobe

  • The micro houndstooth or puppytooth pattern adds a subtle hint of texture to your shirt without being distracting. From a distance, this shirt looks like a solid colour and you can in fact, treat this shirt like a solid when matching accessories such as ties and pairing with a suit. But up close, the discerning observer will see the detail in the shirt and think, “wow, this guy knows a thing or two about how to dress…I must remember to ask him where he gets his shirts?”
  • The single button cuff with scalloped edge is like the Goldilocks of cuffs; not too formal, not too casual but just right for your everyday wear. The single button cuff is also great for enhancing the length of your arms.
  • You can never have enough classic blue shirts in your wardrobe – they’re a timeless staple for all seasons. These puppytooth shirts add a nice variation to any collection of blue shirts.

You should make room in your rotation for these two puppytooth shirts – in fact, why not buy one in each colour! Yes, these puppytooth shirts are for sale! Shop the Philippe Perzi Vienna collection now.