Free the ankle? Put a sock in it lads!

Men's socks

It’s been a rough ride for the humble men’s sock. Once upon a time, it was the guardian of the ankle. The sophisticated gent’s ‘Agent 99’ in the pursuit of sartorial rigor. But when trouser hems started rising and fashionistas emphatically embraced the bare ankle or the ‘mankle’ as it has been termed, men’s socks were cast aside; discarded like another course on a lazy Susan in a Vietnamese restaurant—the cruelty of it was extraordinary.

But as ‘du jour’ as it may be to go sock-less, few men really enjoy the feeling of sweaty loafers, not to mention the associated blisters that inevitably and quite spontaneously appear on the metatarsals whether you’re wearing expensive shoes or not (you’ll soon have to find room in that wallet for your plasters). And whilst a bare ankle ‘neath a cropped pant might look very ‘dolce vita’ in-situ – say, if you’re making your way up the Amalfi Coast on your Vespa – a white and hairy mankle is one way to spoil perfect tailoring.

Men's socks

Even though bare ankles might be here to stay for a while, many of the best-dressed gents view men’s socks as important personal and social indicators. Companions in the battle against averageness. Those sartorially savvy amongst us have long realised that the pastiche created by the trouser, sock and shoe are an important focal point in an outfit and when harmonised with a colour or pattern found near the face (be it a tie, shirt, sports jacket or even a hat), really bring the whole outfit together with aplomb.

Philippe Perzi Vienna Men's Socks

Above: 10 men’s socks from the latest Philippe Perzi Vienna collection

Those amongst you with an appreciation for fine men’s hosiery will be pleased to see the latest additions to our Philippe Perzi Vienna men’s sock collection. Available in 10 new colours and made in Italy from 100% Egyptian Cotton, these fine-gauge men’s socks are the perfect light, bright and breathable accent to your wardrobe.

Men's Socks

Now available in three sizes; US size 10 (shoe size EU 41-43), US size 11 EU (shoe size 44-45) and US size 12 (shoe size EU 45-46), Philippe Perzi Vienna’s men’s socks add some flair and fancy to everyday business wear and smart-casual occasions. Once you’ve felt the quality of these men’s socks, your feet won’t want to wear anything else, and you might even be tempted to leave the bare-ankle look well enough alone.