Real men wear pink shirts

Pink shirts

Pink shirts on men – you’re either a lover or a loather of men sporting the pastel shade, but whatever camp you fall into, you would have heard the line “clothes maketh the man.” Clothes may indeed make the man, but when it comes to setting yourself apart from the pack, there’s nothing like a pink shirt to add an instant injection of freshness and flair to your outfit. fundas iphone 7 8 se2020

Pink Shirts for men – get with the times

Once upon a time, the average working guy’s closet would have contained a dozen shirts, all in blue or white, but thankfully over the past decade men have become braver, savvier and more adventurous. One of the perennial favourites is the pink shirt. fundas samsung galaxy note8 Men’s shirts in pink hues have been a linchpin of Madison Avenue lore for 50 years, are enduring favourites of the Jermyn Street set and have well and truly infiltrated men’s corporate and casual wardrobes in Australia – It’s safe to say Pink shirts are here to stay. fundas huawei y7 2019 fundas iphone 7 8 se2020 Nothing says confidence like a pink shirt and is one of the more flattering colours for those with a rosy-cheeked complexion. fundas samsung galaxy a70 Check out our blog on your complexion and the power of colour Philippe Perzi Vienna has a great range of men’s shirts in pinks, from the soft to the sugary and even with a contrasting white collar for added panache, as seen in the photo of Philippe below, where he wears Greenback Boogie. Pink Shirts Photo courtesy of Claire Morgan Photography

What colours work well with pink shirts?

Philippe Perzi Vienna Pink shirts Above: Philippe wears Herzschmerz shirt and thinking hard about the virtues and other benefits of pink shirts, listed above and below. fundas samsung galaxy s8 plus

Pink shirts – a virtuous cycle

It’s been proven, men who wear pink shirts on average enjoy higher salaries and are more successful than those who shun the fairer colour in favour of blue and white, at least that’s the theory according to a British study conducted a year or so ago. In short the study found that there are definitely advantages to wearing pink shirts:

  • You’ll earn $2000 (£1,000) more a year
  • You’ll be better qualified
  • You’ll consider yourself more attractive and it seems your female colleagues will agree, as you’ll receive more complements
  • You’ll be perceived as more confident in the office
  • You’re two times more likely to have a master’s degree
  • And, you’re more likely to have a lower carbon footprint

If you’re looking to increase the likelihood of getting a promotion or if you’re looking for an office romance…well, that’s another ball game entirely and apparently you should wear lilac shirts. fundas samsung galaxy s8 plus fundas huawei p20 pro So the question is, does wearing pink shirts make men more successful – with the ladies and with the boss – or are successful and ambitious men more confident and therefore more likely to wear pink shirts? It doesn’t really matter – we think there’s a pretty convincing case to be made for men to wear pink shirts.