He who wears red wins!

Philippe Perzi Vienna Red Shirt

What if we told you that wearing a red shirt would make you more likely to succeed? A little bit luckier? What about more attractive to the opposite sex? Would you believe us…..? Philippe Perzi Vienna’s latest addition to the collection is a commanding red shirt, Ruggine, which might just be the antidote to take your wardrobe from pedestrian to powerful in one fell swoop…and get you winning not only in the style stakes! Ruggine is a vibrant and attention grabbing red shirt with a subtle micro houndstooth pattern (or puppytooth as we call it). coque iphone 8 Made from Thomas Mason Royal Twill fabric, coque iphone 7 with light blue contrasting fabric inside the collar and cuff and Italian cutaway collar, fundas iphone x xs this red shirt epitomizes classic European shirting at its finest. fundas iphone 11 pro max As with all Philippe Perzi Vienna shirts, fundas huawei mate 20 pro Ruggine is made from the best Egyptian cotton available; Giza 45, fundas huawei p10 lite fundas huawei mate 20 which ensures that this red shirt will be around for years to come (should it become your lucky charm), iphone 8 plus hoesjes and remain soft, fundas iphone x xs light, fundas huawei p30 lite breathable and easy to iron! Philippe Perzi Vienna Red Shirt

If you needed any more motivation to get your hands on this stunning red shirt, fundas iphone 11 pro max here are a 3 reasons why wearing a red shirt might put you at an advantage to your fellow man.

  • Red intensifies our physical reactions: Psychologists at Rochester and Utrecht Universities have conducted studies that reveal people react faster and more forcefully when they see red.
  • Red makes men more desirable to women: According to another study, women find men who wear red more attractive, powerful and desirable. They also rated men in red higher in status and more likely to earn a better living. fundas samsung galaxy s10 This might stem from the fact that red pigmentation indicates male dominance in a number of animal species.
  • Red is the colour of winners: Tiger Woods always wears red on the final day of golf tournaments and (till recently) tended to triumph. British and German studies have also reveled that athletes wearing red tend to win more.

In summary, red goes faster, better, fundas huawei p20 lite higher,