Shirt and Tie Combinations for Spring Racing

Spring Racing Menswear

Spring racing fashion for men: Dress Shirt and Tie Combinations

Spring has officially sprung – which means the start of the spring racing carnival is upon us once again. These days, going to the races seems to be as much about the fashion as it is about the horses, so suit up, put on a beautiful Egyptian cotton shirt and don’t forget to wear a tie! Wondering what to wear to get the fillies attention? Along with your best suit and shiny shoes, we’re talking eye-catching shirt and tie combinations. Think bright or pastel coloured dress shirts with cutaway colours and French cuffs, silk ties in eye-catching hues and with added texture. iphone hoesjes While you’re at it, don’t forget a pocket-square…and your lucky underwear! Check out 5 of our favourite shirt and tie combinations for spring racing that will get you winning in the style stakes:

1. Derby Day tradition – all right in black and white

Shirt and Tie Combinations for Spring Racing

Some traditions should be respected and black and white on Derby Day is one of them. fundas iphone xs max Derby Day has become “men’s day” in the fashion stakes with many fashionable gents competing for prizes in Fashions on the Field and mentions in the social pages. But just because it’s a black and white dress code, doesn’t mean your shirt and tie combinations have to be dull. You can’t go wrong with a tailored white shirt in Egyptian cotton with a cutaway collar and French cuff. It’s clean, crisp, polished and goes with everything. fundas samsung galaxy s20 ultra Let’s face it, every man needs a simple tailored white shirt in his wardrobe and this Philippe Perzi Vienna white dress shirt is the perfect staple. Give the traditional dress code a little twist with a Philippe Perzi Vienna silk tie in dark silver/grey with a subtle dot pattern to really make a statement. fundas iphone 5 5s se This tie adds texture and interest to an otherwise simple outfit. And because it’s Derby Day, don’t forget your blue cornflower.

2. Splash out on a new blue dress shirt

Shirt and tie combinations for spring racing

Every man probably has a blue shirt in his wardrobe to call upon, but don’t just wear the same old shirt you wear to work every week. fundas huawei p10 The races are a special occasion so buy a luxurious dress shirt with French cuffs and made from high quality fabric – this Philippe Perzi Vienna light blue shirt is the perfect choice. fundas huawei p20 This shirt sets off a wide variety of ties and looks great with navy or charcoal suits. Also, you’ll love the lightweight and fine quality of this fabric when the temperature rises and the day turns into night – no sweat stains for you! For ties, leave the stripes and solids and instead take a more inspired approach with this stunning Baroque tie with gold and blue hues. Trust us, you’ll get many complements on this one. fundas samsung galaxy s8

3. fundas samsung galaxy a70 Stand out from the crowd in an eye-popping dress shirt

Shirt and tie combinations for spring racing

With either a charcoal or navy suit, this striking Philippe Perzi Vienna purple dress shirt with contrasting cutaway collar and French cuff is the perfect touch of flamboyance for the Melbourne Cup – whether you’re lucky enough to be at Flemington or watching from the confines of a crowded bar or restaurant. The important thing to remember for racing season is when wearing a really bold colour like this, make sure the colour of the shirt is solid, not patterned. fundas samsung galaxy s5 The races in Sydney and Melbourne are a more formal occasion. Go for a monochromatic look with a Philippe Perzi Vienna soft lilac paisley tie and make sure you go for a reasonably substantial knot such as a Windsor knot.

4. fundas samsung galaxy note9 Bank your winnings!

Shirt and tie combinations

The ‘banker style’ dress shirt with white collar and cuff is a look that Philippe Perzi Vienna loves and is perfect for pea-cocking around the grounds at Randwick or Flemington. It’s sometimes given a bad wrap in Anglo countries for the connotations associated with “Gordon Gekko” (see our previous blog) but far from being a typical ‘banker’ or ‘wall street’ look, this eye-catching mauve dress shirt will draw favourable attention to your outfit and to your face in a sea of suited and booted men. There’s a lot of competition out there, make your mark with this exquisite shirt. Complete this striking look with a Philippe Perzi Vienna pink silk tie with a dark blue dot pattern. Texture, colour, pattern. Tick, tick, tick!

5. Winners wear pink dress shirts

Shirt and tie combinations

Exude confidence in this striking Philippe Perzi Vienna pink Egyptian cotton dress shirt with a twill weave and contrasting fabric inside the collar and cuff. The fabric’s high thread count creates a silky, soft feel and a luxurious look. fundas samsung galaxy note10 Winning all round! Combined with this Philippe Perzi Vienna pink and lemon striped tie with an interesting woven silk texture, you will certainly cut a fine figure collecting your winnings. fundas iphone 6 6s plus

Going for the trifecta – a note on pocket squares

For added panache to your outfit, why not rock a pocket-square, but remember to compliment, not to match your shirt and/or tie with your pocket square. If you do want to go matchy matchy, opt for matching your pocket square with the shirt, rather than the tie. If you’re experimenting with pocket-squares for the first time or aren’t sure what to wear, try a plain white one with a TV fold.