Shirt and tie combinations to amp up your wardrobe

Shirt and tie combinations

December really is the silly season and depending on what social functions you have planned, it could be time to update your wardrobe with some solid shirt and tie combinations guaranteed to amp up the style stakes and keep you looking schmick. Check out some of our favourite shirt and tie combinations below:

Red and gold shirt and tie combinations

Red and yellow/gold are a high contrast combination (see our blog for further details), perfect for men with dark hair and light skin, as the colours mimic the contrast between the hair and skin tone. When worn with a dark suit, this triadic colour combination (see our blog on colour coordination) will ensure you cut a striking figure, looking authoritative, classy and elegant. fundas huawei y6 2019 The mix of the red stripes on Philippe Perzi Vienna’s Fira shirt with the red and gold polka dot pattern of the gold standard tie are also well matched, obeying the golden rules of mixing two different patterns (see our blog on pattern matching). With the addition of a simple white linen pocket square that complements rather than matches the tie, this shirt and tie combination is really one of our top choices. collier perle pour femme enceinte 720collierpascher5561 Shirt and tie combinations

Give yourself the royal treatment

Purple, lilac, mauve – whatever you like to call it, this colour has always been representative of royalty, respect and authority. bracelet cuir blaze 718braceletpascher1173 fundas huawei p20 fundas iphone x xs It’s also a perfect colour to wear when you want to enliven an otherwise pedestrian outfit. Philippe Perzi Vienna’s Voila Viola shirt is made from twill which helps it drape beautifully and with contrasting fabric inside the collar and cuff, making it just that little bit more special. Combined with this warm yellow Mittersil tie with tiny lilac dots, this shirt and tie combination is the perfect example of complementary colours working together and will give you a simple yet stunning look. Shirt and tie combinations

Shirt and tie combinations that mean business

There are few items of men’s clothing that divide opinion like the banker shirt, but whatever your opinion, nothing says power dressing quite like the banker shirt. bracelet femme pierre ambre braceletpascher1810 The contrast between the white collar and cuff and the shirting fabric is perfect for drawing attention to your face, especially if you have a high contrast complexion. fundas samsung galaxy note5 The green and blue stripes of Philippe Perzi Vienna’s Schildkrote tie and the blue and white chalk stripes of the Der Chef shirt are a shirt and tie combination made in heaven. fundas huawei mate 10 fundas huawei p smart When considering shirt and tie combinations where you have two like-patterns, you should ensure that the size of the stripes are as different from each other as possible. collier perle tahiti sur mesure fundas huawei mate 10 Additionally, the more successful shirt and tie combinations are those where the tie is a similar tone or echoes a colour found in the shirt or in the suit. fundas huawei p8 lite 2017 In this case, we have the royal blue stripe of the tie coordinating spectacularly with the blue stripe of the shirt. Shirt and tie combinations

Shirt and tie combinations that are simple and stylish

Philippe Perzi Vienna loves vibrant hues and rich colours, but we also respect simple, elegant and well-made staples, like the humble white dress shirt. bracelet femme argent ceramique 718braceletpascher1550 Afterall, every man should have one of these wardrobe workhorses in his rotation. bracelet femme grosse maille 718braceletpascher2064 Philippe Perzi Vienna’s Edelweis shirt is the perfect backdrop for when you want to dress up, but without the fuss. fundas huawei y7 2019 Although this white shirt could happily set off any tie, we love the simplicity and elegance of this sky-blue Praiano tie, made in Italy from 100% silk – this is a shirt and tie combination that will be one of the most timeless, versatile and elegant combinations that can take you anywhere. collier pour chien h m 720collierpascher5827 fundas huawei p20 pro Shirt and tie combinations

Grey is the new black

Grey shirts when worn with a charcoal suit provide a stylish look for those men with low contrast complexions. Philippe Perzi Vienna’s Apex shirt with grey stripes and combined with the Schwarzwald tie is a sleek monochromatic look that will appeal to those who value understated elegance. Shirt and tie combinations We often flippantly talk about ‘rules’ – But at the end of the day they are at best guidelines and some helpful hints. fundas iphone 7 8 se2020 Everyone has their own style so shop online now to create your own shirt and tie combinations.