New Slim Fit Polo Shirts: Keeping things svelte!

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Due to popular demand, Philippe Perzi Vienna is proud to announce our latest range of slim fit polo shirts, available in a stylish assortment of the latest seasons colours.

Here’s 3 reasons why you need these slim fit polo shirts in your wardrobe now!

Slim Fit Polo Shirts: Keeping up your sartorial standards

Just because the mercury rises or because you’re in ‘off-duty mode,’ there’s no reason to let your sartorial standards slip. If you think wearing T-shirts around all summer is a good look, you need to re-evaluate. Philippe Perzi Vienna slim fit polo shirts are made from 100% Piqué cotton, which is a highly breathable fabric. So, this summer, you’ll look effortlessly cool, comfortable, classy and oh so smart-casual without a sweat stain in sight.

Slim Fit Polo Shirts

Slim Fit Polo Shirts: Be ready for anything and look stylish whilst you’re doing it

The big advantage of a polo shirt, is its versatility. Slim fit polo shirts can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion. Particularly with darker or more neutral shades of polo shirts, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear them with a navy blazer or unstructured sports jacket for a simple yet very elegant look. Perfect for a casual Friday at the office or lunch somewhere away from the hoi polloi.

Slim Fit Polo Shirts

Collars – if you’re going to pop it, give them something to look at

Despite what you may think, it wasn’t the preppy kids on the beaches of Nantucket who first wore popped collars, but rather René Lacoste who ‘invented’ the polo shirt! Whilst we’re not telling you how you should wear your polo shirt collar (pop away or not), what we will say is that the Philippe Perzi Vienna collection of polo shirts are durable, with collars that are designed to retain their shape and form, to ensure that you won’t get those annoying scuffed and rolled edges turning upwards after a few wears. However, if you do want to pick the right moment to ‘pop your collar,’ Philippe Perzi Vienna polo shirts are the ones to go with. Many of our polo shirts have stylish contrasting fabric inside the collar and on the underside of the collar and down the front, so that when unbuttoned, a hint of contrast is shown, adding that little extra detail that we at Philippe Perzi Vienna pride ourselves on.

Slim Fit Polo Shirts

Check out our latest range of slim fit polo shirts now! We challenge you to pick your favourites!