Smart Casual Shirts

Smart Casual Men's Shirts

If there were ever two words that strike doubt into the hearts and minds of men, it would be ‘Smart Casual.’ Many men find it hard to interpret what exactly they should wear when the dress code calls for an outfit that hovers somewhere on the spectrum between suit and tie and shorts and T-shirt. Even Wikipedia has trouble defining the term.

Well, the ambiguity ends here. Put simply, smart casual is all about matching tailored pieces with a more casual overall look. Think a pair of chinos, jeans (not ripped or torn) or smart trousers with a high quality smart casual shirt in either a block colour or pattern and a blazer or sports jacket. Smart Casual dress code almost always calls for a shirt with a collar and you should always wear closed in shoes.

The Philippe Perzi Vienna signature collection of smart casual shirts not only ticks the smart casual box, but our smart casual shirts will become the focal point of your outfit. Whether you need an outfit for casual Fridays in the office, after work drinks or, coming into summer a BBQs with friends, you’ll find the Philippe Perzi Vienna range of smart casual shirts are versatile, comfortable and incredibly stylish.

Here are our top 5 smart casual shirts from our latest collection:

Road to Oia

Smart Casual Shirts

The Road to Oia is a red and white striped poplin shirt in 120 2-ply Egyptian cotton with grey contrasting fabric inside the collar and cuff to give the slightest hint of individuality. This is a versatile smart casual shirt that won’t wrinkle easily, and can take you from work to play by simply loosening the top button and rolling up the sleeves to reveal the contrasting grey fabric.

Los Gehts  

Smart Casual Shirts

Smart casual doesn’t get any cooler than Los Gehts, a luxurious shirt with dark and light blue overlapping checks, made from Giza 45 Egyptian Cotton. All Philippe Perzi Vienna shirts have a cutaway collar, but this smart casual shirt has a high standing Italian cutaway collar – which means it has a wider spread than usual. It’s the ideal choice to wear under any jacket or jumper, especially without a tie. You’ll look thoroughly put-together and effortlessly chic in this stunning smart casual shirt.

Niki Louder Marrone

Smart Casual Shirts

Niki Louder (Marrone) is one of the most stylish smart casual shirts in the Philippe Perzi Vienna collection. The warm neutral colour of the shirt has the advantage of being able to take you through all seasons of the year and will coordinate with any coloured trousers, chinos or jeans. You’ll stand out from the crowd when you loosen the top 2 buttons and roll up your shirt cuffs to reveal mauve contrasting fabric. Made from Giza 45 Egyptian cotton with brown micro checks and a high standing Italian cutaway collar, this smart casual shirt is an essential to add to your wardrobe.


Smart Casual Shirts

With Summer temperatures heating up, staying comfortable is part and parcel of looking effortlessly cool, so Wanderlust, a smart casual shirt made from ‘Zephir’ fabric, which is naturally lightweight, is the ideal choice. Brown and blue windowpane checks with subtle light blue contrasting fabric inside the collar and cuff is perfect for a weekend getaway when you still need to stay stylish.

But Mostly Me

Smart Casual Shirts

When you walk into the room, But Mostly Me will set you apart from the rest with this eye-catching mauve graph check pattern, made from poplin in 120 2-ply cotton. This shirt won’t wrinkle easily, which is a bonus when you still need to look fresh after a long lunch or night out on the town. This vibrant smart casual shirt exudes confidence, so roll up your sleeves, show off the twill contrasting fabric and show some personality.

This list could easily be extended. All our shirts are very versatile and because we use only the best of the best Italian fabrics, can be stand-out smart casual shirts and equally stylish in a business setting. Check out our full collection now.