Striped and Checked Shirts: How to wear them

Striped and checked shirts

Striped and checked shirts are as at home on the business circuit as solid-coloured shirts…and thank goodness for that! Dressing would be a truly monotonous event without the graphic interest of a variety of designs. Wearing striped and checked shirts can add extra dimension to a suit and tie and can breathe life into an otherwise plain outfit. Check out a few of our tips for wearing striped and checked shirts with aplomb:

Striped and Checked Shirts – the formalities

Generally, the larger the check and the wider the stripe, the less formal the shirt is. This ‘rule’ stems from the fact that with mini checked shirts or hairline striped men’s shirts, from a distance, the pattern can often effect a predominantly solid background. Check out some of our favourite striped and checked shirts from the Philippe Perzi Vienna collection below.

  • Striped and checked shirts

Striped and Checked Shirts – scale is key

  • Scale is key when mixing patterns (check out our blog for more detail). Generally, when combining a striped shirt with a striped tie – the size of each pattern should be as different from the other as possible, otherwise you’ll create an optical illusion of movement or vibration.
  • Similarly, if wearing a checked shirt with checked tie, suit or pocket square, you should keep the checks as different in size as possible.
  • When mixing a striped shirt with a different pattern or a checked shirt with a different pattern, the opposite is true – the scale of the patterns should be similar in size – except when the patterns are particularly small in size.
Striped and Checked shirts

Above L and R: Mixing a striped shirt with striped tie of a different scale and a checked shirt with a checked tie of a different scale. Below L and R images illustrate keeping patterns of similar scale when mating totally different patterns.

Striped and Checked Shirts – Colour and Contrast

To some extent, the amount of contrast found in a man’s complexion should dictate the degree of contrast found in a striped or checked shirt. So for any of our low contrast complexion readers i.e. most fair headed gents with a lighter skin tone, tread carefully when it comes to those bold tartan and gingham patterns or multi striped shirts with more than a couple of colours, lest you draw attention away from your visage. Check out our blog for tips on dressing for your complexion.

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