Dressed to impress: 5 of the most stylish politicians

Stylish Politicians

Politician’s policies are often scrutinised, as are their sartorial choices. fundas samsung galaxy s10 Of course, where our pollies stand on education, the economy, the environment and foreign policy should carry greater weight than what they wear, but the way a leader expresses himself and dresses is relevant and should come under the microscope. fundas huawei mate 20 There’s simply no excuse for a man in the public eye to dress badly these days. So, with the UK election just around the corner, the US set for a new President next year and who knows who’ll lead Australia from one month to the next, we thought we’d take a thoroughly frivolous look at politics, with a ‘most stylish politicians list’ from around the globe. fundas huawei p20 pro fundas huawei p10

Enrique Pena Nieto (Mexico)

Stylish Politicians Mexico’s president is rarely seen with a hair out of place or the mearest crinkle in his suit. fundas huawei p10 He has in fact been compared to “Clark Kent” such is his overtly masculine image and custom tailored suits. fundas samsung galaxy s6 edge He has a penchant for a crisp white shirt and red power tie combination. custodia cover iphone For a man who presides over a country with such a reputation for gang warfare, drugs and corruption and with a few scandals that have rocked his presidency, he certainly gives the impression of being cool under fire.

Hans Linde (Sweden)

Stylish Politicians This young socialist is a member of the Left wing party in Sweden’s Rikstag. fundas huawei y5 2018 fundas huawei p30 pro His political choices may not be held by the majority of Swedes, but Linde’s style choices espouse that quintessential Scandanavian functional, understated but well cut look that is very much of the moment. This is a guy who knows how to dress for his complexion, favouring low contrast tones to mimic his blonde hair and fair skin. fundas samsung galaxy note8 fundas samsung galaxy j5 fundas samsung galaxy s7 edge

Aaron Schock (USA)

Stylish Politicians Strictly speaking, Aaron Schock is no longer eligible for this list, as he resigned a couple of weeks ago amidst rumours of overspending. fundas huawei p smart 2019 fundas samsung galaxy note9 OK, so he did redesign his office to look like Downtown Abbey and he did like to travel a lot…but one thing you can’t criticise him for; he’s probably the most photogenic politician to come out of Capitol Hill

Malcolm Turnbull (Australia)

Stylish Politicians This “Primed Minister” in the Australian Parliament is never far from conjecture, but few can fault his choice of sharply tailored suits, crisp shirts and Hermès ties. Whilst he usually doesn’t stray too far from the standard politician’s uniform, he does ensure that his tie is knotted well and his suits fit impeccably. fundas iphone

Arnold Schwarzenegger (USA)

Stylish Politicians The Governator is obviously already a larger than life character and for a big man, he certainly knows how to dress for his physique. fundas samsung galaxy s20 ultra coque iphone 7 coque samsung a10 Wide collars on his shirts, thick knots and wide lapels ensure he looks balanced.