The Tab Collar Shirt: Are you ready for some neck rigging?

Tab collar shirt

Philippe Perzi Vienna is very vocal about our love of spread and cutaway collar shirts – And with good reason. They’ve been the keystone of the English bespoke look since the early 1920s and it’s hard to go past their versatility and elegance. But there’s another old-world classic that’s recently made a revival amongst rakish gents seeking that extra nuance of nattiness; the tab collar shirt.

Tab collar shirt Philippe Perzi Vienna

Thanks in part to Daniel Craig’s modern take on James Bond in Skyfall, what’s old is new again, and to that end, Philippe Perzi Vienna is proud to present the latest addition to the collection; the ‘Jack Buchanan’ tab collar shirt, pictured above. So shake, don’t stir your wardrobe and get yours now!

Tab collar shirt

Daniel Craig as James Bond in Skyfall and Matt Bomer from White Collar show the simple elegance of a tab collar shirt.

What is the tab collar shirt?

The elegant and business-like tab collar shirt performs the dual duty of pulling the collar flat around the neck and thrusting the tie up and out into a perfect arch. A tab connects the two sides of the collar underneath the tie knot to hold the collar’s points in place and essentially does the same thing that a collar pin does by raising the tie knot up on the neck (but without the added fuss of a pin). The tie knot sits perfectly and precisely in the middle of the open space, standing to attention and looking fantastic.

I don’t own a tab collar shirt…since when did it become so popular?

The tab collar shirt was introduced to high society by the same Royal fashion maverick credited with many other sartorial successes; the Prince of Wales, Edward VIII. But the tab collar shirt came into it’s own during the 1920s and 30s, being worn by such style icons such as Jack Buchanan. Since then, the popularity of the tab collar shirt has come in and out of favour, surviving as a curiosity on the margins of fashion, but always remaining a favourite of those gents who know a thing or two about how to dress, and who seek that ‘extra 10%’ in their outfits to distinguish themselves from the next man. We give credit to Daniel Craig’s James Bond and Leonardo di Caprio’s Gatsby for bringing formal men’s dressing back into sharp focus – with their pinned and tab collar shirts, Craig and di Caprio have reinstated old-world elegance. Long may it continue.

Why do I want a tab collar shirt?

You mean, why do you need a tab collar shirt? Let’s face it, all gents ache for that perfect elevation and arch in their tie that distinguishes the schoolboys from the big boys. How many of you fuss with your tie throughout the day, reminiscent of the David Brent affectation in The Office?  Well, the tab collar shirt is the perfect antidote – it keeps the tie elevated and arched throughout the day, distinguishing you as someone who probably knows his way around a fitting room. It also projects an air of polished sophistication, making you stand apart from the pack. In short – it’s that added hint of detail without straying too far into the extremes of sartorial experimentation.

Will a tab collar shirt suit me?

Have you got a long neck? How about a round or square face? Well, you’re in luck, because the tab collar shirt is the perfect choice for you. The higher positioning of the tie knot up on the neck, shortens a long neck, whilst the straight points of the collar vertically work to counterpoint a round, oval or square face.

OK, I’m sold. How do I wear a tab collar shirt?

First things first – the tab collar shirt is strictly reserved for those who are connoisseurs of cravatology. Wearing a tie is not optional with a tab collar shirt…unless you’re channeling Bob Dylan…which we assume you aren’t and shouldn’t. A simple four-in-hand knot is the perfect choice for the tab collar shirt and will enable your tie to really feature front and centre.

Whilst we’re not suggesting the tab collar shirt is going to replace the spread or cutaway collar shirt as a mainstay of male attire, we strongly suggest you give the tab collar shirt a try – mix things up a little and shop our latest ‘Jack Buchanan’ tab collar shirt now!