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What goes into making the best Egyptian cotton shirts? Giza 45 of course!

Most people know that Egyptian cotton is synonymous with quality and luxury, but did you know that not all Egyptian cottons are created equal, with quality varying depending on where it’s grown and the type of cotton?

Now, some of our peers selling Egyptian cotton shirts (they shall remain nameless but let’s just say they’re British) confuse Egyptian cotton with Giza 45. Essentially they conflate the terms Egyptian cotton and Giza 45. But make no mistake; Egyptian cotton comes in varying standards. In fact, the “45″ refers to the grade – where cotton is graded based on the length and thickness of the fibres. In very simple terms, the longer and thinner the fibres, the better the grade. And this is where Giza 45 stands out from the pack.

Giza 45 Egyptian cotton by far, hands down, makes the best Egyptian cotton shirts in the world. Fact.

What is Giza 45 Egyptian Cotton?

Egyptian Cotton Region

Giza 45 Egyptian cotton is cultivated in a tiny area to the East of the Nile Delta called Kafir S’Ad. The combination of the best cotton seeds in the world, namely Brazilian and West Indian Sea Island cotton seeds, and the exceptional climatic conditions of Kafir S’Ad, make Giza 45 Egyptian cotton unequivocally the very best and most precious cotton in the world. How precious? Giza 45 Egyptian cotton is grown in such limited quantities each year that it only represents 0.4% of Egypt’s total annual cotton production!

Moreover, Giza 45 is picked by hand in five different phases to ensure only cotton bolls with the correct maturity are selected. This careful cultivation and the manual harvesting avoids the use of defoliants and chemical products, which are normally associated with mechanical harvesting. It also makes the Giza 45 cotton more expensive.

Long, strong and so damn fine…Queen of the Nile

best egyptian cotton shirts

Giza 45 Egyptian cotton is called “The Queen” of all types of Egyptian cotton because it is so fine and strong; the fibres of Giza 45 cotton production have an extraordinary staple length that easily surpasses 36mm (which is the upper end of the standard length of Egyptian cotton). Furthermore, what makes this Egyptian cotton the ‘best of breed’ is the fineness of its fibres, on average 2.95 microns (where a micron is a thousandth of a millimetre and as a comparison, a human hair is about 50 microns). These long and very fine fibres enable Giza 45 cotton to be spun into the very high thread counts (such as the thread count of 140 used in many of our shirts). This means a greater feel of luxury and quality when you wear a Philippe Perzi Vienna shirt.

Despite its fineness, Giza 45 fibres are similar in strength to “less fine” cottons (such as Giza 88). This heady combination of fineness and strength of fibre makes it possible to spin the best yarns in the world and create the best Egyptian cotton shirts in the world.

How Does Philippe Perzi Vienna make the best Egyptian cotton shirts in the world?…Thomas Mason!

Best egyptian cotton shirts

There are many reasons why Philippe Perzi Vienna makes the best Egyptian cotton shirts in the world; European craftsmanship, the extensive range of colours and patterns on offer, the cut of the shirt, hand cutting and pressing and of course the little details that show marks of individuality. But it is the quality of the fabric which is second to none, that sets us apart from the rest. For our signature collection of Egyptian cotton shirts, Philippe Perzi Vienna chooses only the finest fabrics made from Egyptian cotton from none other than the doyen of shirting, Thomas Mason. Our opinion is that if you want pasta, you go to little Italy, if you want a well-made shirt, you choose Thomas Mason fabric. Thomas Mason, now owned by the Italian Albini Group (a perfect marriage of English tradition and Italian flair) has specialised in the production of shirting fabrics made exclusively with the extra-long staple two-fold cotton since 1796. We’re backing that horse!

The Philippe Perzi Vienna collection only uses Thomas Mason Egyptian cotton fabrics in 2 ply and high thread counts, but here is a list of the 13 shirts from our current collection made from Giza 45 Egyptian cotton: Sachertorte To Me, Yachts Of Fun, Chelsea CharmerViel Spaß, Greenback Boogie, Ascona, Sloane Ranger, Niki Louder (Marrone), Apex, Der Maestro, Pursuit Of Happiness, Franz Joseph, Herzschmerz.

Why would you want to wear the Best Egyptian Cotton Shirts?

If you haven’t ever worn a shirt made from Giza 45 Egyptian cotton, you’re missing out. The unique colouration, luminosity and silky handle makes these Egyptian cotton shirts stand out from the rest! If you appreciate quality and enjoying the finer things in life, why wouldn’t you wear the best Egyptian cotton shirts you could find?

Remember, be wary of shirt makers who claim that all Egyptian cotton is the same or “conflate” the term Giza 45 with Egyptian cotton. A telltale sign will generally be in the price. Giza 45 Egyptian cotton, woven by the best mills, comes at price and there is simply no way around this. Giza 45 Egyptian cotton is roughly five times the price of regular Egyptian cotton, before its even been woven! Trust us, you don’t get much of a discount when you are buying gold bars, no matter what the quantity or who you are. Giza 45 Egyptian cotton is no different. It is also a precious commodity. If it isn’t reflected in the price of the shirt, you need to question whether Giza 45 Egyptian cotton is actually in the shirt. Philippe Perzi Vienna, being a family run business, small enough to be nimble and without the added costs of a middle man, is able to offer you the best Egyptian cotton shirts bar none, for a very reasonable price. Upgrade to Giza 45 Egyptian cotton shirts and you won’t look back.

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