The Bold Shoulder: Breaking The Last Taboo Of Men’s Dressing

Over the shoulder jacket

Last week, we were treated to the vision of Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson strutting their stuff at Paris Fashion Week to the distinctive 1980s synthpop hit “Don’t You Want Me.” Reprising their roles as long suffering male models, Derek and Hansel from the 2001 movie Zoolander, 14 years on, these dueling dandies paraded down that Valentino catwalk with all the menacing elegance of fashion’s fey elite. fundas huawei p20 pro fundas samsung galaxy s6 It was a straight-up, old school walk-off show down, with blue steel and duck face expressions deployed for good effect. But it was their latest stylistic manoeuvre of the “over the shoulder jacket” – so hot right now – that captured our attention; so poised, precarious, posey and proverbial that we pondered: is this the last taboo of men’s power dressing? For the most part, men’s tailoring adheres to strict technical guidelines and men only have so many options when it comes to showing off their personality through their wardrobe. There is often little room for putting additional accent into your outfit, save for the odd pop of colour by way of introducing a tie or pocket square, shoes without socks, French cuffs sans cufflinks or trinkets on your wrist, for example. But no single act of ‘sprezzatura’ delivers the magnitude of statement as wearing one’s jacket draped over the shoulders. fundas huawei p30 Over the shoulder jacket Popular in the 1960s and a look that helped define the smart-casual verve of the 1970s, the ‘over the shoulder jacket’ is back in vogue – a flamboyant and compelling statement which demands a second look at the wearer. Not oft deployed in Australia or in the USA…yet…it isn’t uncommon to see stylish gents sporting this ‘nouveau robing’ in the most fashion-conscious corners of the world such as Milan, Florence, Paris and London. fundas samsung galaxy a70 Not a style for the faint-hearted, here’s a few references to the locus of the ‘over the shoulder’ look before you attempt to shoulder your jacket. fundas huawei p8

Be ready for anything

Over the shoulder jacket The beginnings of this look can be traced to Renaissance Italy, when it became de-rigueur to wear the doublet (a tight fitting buttoned jacket) over the shoulders as if it were a cape, so that a sword could be drawn immediately without encumbrance – Italy was after all, the capital of physical attack and assassination at that time. fundas iphone 5 5s se In the same vein, the modern man sporting an over the shoulder jacket shows that whilst he’s not hindered by arm insertion, he’s impervious to the elements and ready for anything. tatouage tribal poignet bracelet femme 723braceletpascher10281 fundas iphone 7 8 plus

Stand-by for sport

Over the shoulder jacket More modern origins of this look stem from the polo fields of colonial India; in between chukkas and after the game, polo players would elegantly drape a thick double-breasted camel coat over their shoulders, which became known as a polo coat. collier ras de cou dentelles 720collierpascher9118 fundas samsung galaxy s20 ultra Similarly, sportsman in tennis, boxing and football have all used the over the shoulder coat to keep their muscles warm and at the ready, without leaving the field of play. bracelet cuir 17 cm 723braceletpascher5760 Physical exertion justifies robing in these cases, juxtaposing with the manliness of contest.

Elevate your position

Over the shoulder jacket It’s all about giving the impression of power, almost suggesting that there is someone on hand to take the jacket off you, referencing an emperor, cardinal, lord or protected crime boss. It suggests that you’re flanked by ‘someone else,’ not engaging yourself, which further underlines your importance. fundas huawei mate 20

Superhero allusion

Over the shoulder jacket Given half a chance, what man wouldn’t want to dress up as Superman, Batman, Zorro or some other cloaked superhero? The cape or cloak is central to the mystique and power of the superhero and when a jacket is worn over the shoulders, it can be a performance enhancer.


Over the shoulder jacket Many Italian men will have you believe that the intensity of the Mediterranean heat and absence of underarm layers and thus, perspiration, provides the perfect practical reason for ‘over the shouldering.’ This may well be true. montre swarovski femme bracelet cuir 723braceletpascher8214 fundas iphone 11 But this look is the very kind of insouciance we’ve come to expect from Italian men and they probably just think it looks good. collier homme mont blanc collierpascher7809

There can be little doubt, shouldering your jacket is a bold move that needs to be considered carefully given your location and activity. But a draped coat adds nuance to a well-put-together outfit and conveys an air of self-assurance and elegance. noir awn veritable 100 925 bijoux en argent sterling noir et blanc pierre bagues de fiancailles pour femmes femme anneau c244 coque iphone 8 If anyone gives you any shtick, just remember that it’s probably because you’re really, really ridiculously good looking.