The Knitted Tie: A sartorial exocet

Knitted Ties

The knitted tie is a thing of simple beauty, but it could also be seen as the middle child in the tie family. oeil de tigre bracelet homme 718braceletpascher3374 Bold. fundas iphone 11 pro max fundas iphone Rebellious. A maverick of sorts, the textured and loosely woven knitted tie commands attention when teamed with classic tailoring and is just the ticket when you want to transform a conventional shirt and jacket combo into something a little bit special. bracelet de cheville homme 723braceletpascher9371 Philippe Perzi Vienna has recently taken delivery of an exquisite range of impeccable knitted ties, hand made in Italy from 100% pure silk, in shades and textures that will add dimension and richness to any shirt. The knitted tie’s deceptive simplicity calls for confidence and a sure hand when combining it with the right shirt, so here’s some tips for wearing a knitted tie, so you can join the ranks of the rakish. Knitted Tie Philippe Perzi Vienna Above left to right: Gustaf, Barracuda, Chief Brody all $129

The Knitted Tie: Double Duty

The knitted tie is at the less formal end of the tie spectrum, so is ideal for toning down a crisp collar, dressing down a suit or alternatively, sharpening up a casual outfit. fundas samsung galaxy note9 A knitted tie will certainly add a shot of rakishness to even the most pedestrian suit and adds just the right amount of stylish contrast to utilitarian jacket and jeans. noir awn veritable 925 bijoux en argent sterling anneaux de mariage pour les femmes papillon noeud noir et blanc pierre anneau c285

Knitted and kitted: Luxury and panache

Although the knitted tie may never achieve the crisp formality of its more mainstream cousin, a knitted tie made from pure silk in a solid colour, adds a sophisticated flourish to a professional look and the perfect complement to contemporary tailoring. collier fantaisie 2015 collierpascher11959 You needn’t sacrifice formality when wearing a knitted tie, so don’t hesitate to wear one to the office or for that important meeting; your attention to detail and self-assurance will be duly noted. fundas huawei p9 lite

The Knitted Tie’s perfect…knot!

Forget about the Windsor or any of those more cumbersome tie knots we’ve previously spoken about; the textured surface of a knitted tie means that the perfect knot is the one your Dad taught you; the simple four-in-hand. fundas iphone xr fundas samsung galaxy note8 A skinny knot works best with the knitted tie and the asymmetry of the four-in-hand knot complements the less formal nature of the knitted tie. nettoyer bracelet cuir blanc 723braceletpascher5839

The Knitted Tie: the ideal travel companion

There’s a French term “cri de la soie,” which means the “cry of silk” and is often used to describe the crisp, crunchy sound that the knitted tie makes when squeezed in the hand. fundas samsung galaxy a50 Try it and you’ll find that the knitted tie fares rather well, without a hint of creasing or crushing like a standard silk tie. This feature along with the fact that the knitted tie has a blunt end as opposed to a pointy one, makes it the perfect tie to accompany you on trips where you have to pack a suitcase. classique reglable croix bracelet en epingle a cheveux collier pour les femmes charmante date cadeau a la main bijoux accessoire en gros fundas huawei p20 You’ll never have to worry about hanging your ties and hoping they’ll somehow unfurl themselves in time for that important meeting or event. fundas samsung galaxy s6 edge

Knitted Tie Philippe Perzi Vienna Once the domain of academics, journalists and artists, today, the knitted tie’s temerarious attitude has made it a darling of fashionistas and a mainstay in the wardrobes of stylish men all over the world, from Italian stallions to Ivy Leaguers. bague femme A knitted tie is a great way to add a touch of sprezzatura to your look; that oft quoted but hard to achieve nonchalance that the Italians have mastered. Whether you wear a knitted tie to dress up a casual outfit or to tone down a more formal look, this tried and true menswear classic is the perfect way to show some individuality and add some visual interest to your outfit.