Tom Brady: Style Icon Series

Tom Brady Style Icon

This week, Philippe Perzi Vienna’s style icon series resumes, and we thought we’d kick things off by taking a leaf out of Tom Brady’s playbook. Tom Brady: He’s one of the NFL’s all-time top quarterbacks, who’s scored three rings not including the one which signals he’s married one of the world’s most stunning (and highest earning) models in Gisele Bundchen. He’s also one handsome and stylish guy who rarely fumbles when it comes to dressing for his hulking athletic physique, which is not always as easy a feat as some might think! In short, Tom Brady is a rare triple-threat; he’s an athlete who can pass and rush on the field with the best of them, a performance matched only by his class off the field. So, let’s throw down the red flag and take a closer look at how Tom Brady negotiates his off-field wardrobe.

Don’t be colour blindsided

If there’s one thing Tom Brady knows better than his way around 6,400 square yards of astro turf, it’s how to dress for his complexion. As we’ve previously highlighted, once a man knows whether he’s a high, low or medium contrast complexion, dressing becomes that much easier; Check out our blog on dressing for your complexion for more details. fundas samsung galaxy s8 plus Tom Brady is a medium contrast complexion, leaning towards the low contrast end of the continuum, with light brown/blonde hair and fair skin. fundas huawei p9 lite This means he has a fair amount of latitude when if comes to choosing colours that are most complementary, but he stays true to the “rules,” mirroring the difference between his skin and hair colour with his wardrobe ensembles. Whether he’s attending the Met Ball, fronting a press conference or walking with his kids, Tom Brady can often be seen pairing neutrals in earthy tones such as grey, khaki, brown and white. This is a guy who knows how to ensure his face takes centre stage, without looking ‘beige.’ But Tom Brady has been known to be a bit of a gunslinger at times, introducing colour into his wardrobe and playing up his blue eyes, by way of the odd blue gingham shirt or even a blue tuxedo jacket to liven things up. When it comes to wearing a tux though, black and white looks elegant on all men and Brady is no exception. Tom Brady Style Icon

Get your yardage right

Tom Brady might be lucky enough to have a bevvy of designers lining up to dress him, but even wearing the most expensive of suits and the finest of fabrics can work against you if you haven’t got your proportions right. There are five main areas of the body that need to be negotiated – the neck, shoulder, waist, wrist and ankle, each containing a system of lines and curves that when properly connected to each other, enhance your overall appearance. fundas iphone 11 pro Being a tall and athletic build, Tom Brady ensures that his broad shoulders are well catered for by impeccable tailoring; this is a man who knows how to dress for his build. Tom Brady wins extra points off the field, especially when he’s suited up; his jackets err on the longer side (generally speaking, the taller the man, the longer the jacket and vice versa) and his lapels (notched or peak) are generous (balancing the shoulder’s width) and rest on the upper chest, not too high up (the taller the man, the less he needs to worry about vertical lines). His trousers are long in the rise and tailored to ensure there’s some fullness in the front. His trousers are generously cut in the thighs and taper gently to a decent break. Slim fitting trousers may be all the rage amongst some fashion-forward types, but for a tall and athletically built guy like Tom Brady, he always finds his way to the end zone by harmonizing his upper and lower halves. Tom Brady Style Icon

Cover the spread

When it comes to dress shirts, a keystone of elegant tailoring and one of the most flattering designs a gentleman can wear, is the spread or cutaway collar. fundas samsung galaxy s8 It is for that reason Philippe Perzi Vienna chooses the cutaway collar for most of our shirts in the current collection. fundas huawei p9 lite Check out our blog to find out about this style staple. custodia cover samsung We give Tom Brady snaps for recognizing the importance of the shirt collar in drawing attention to the face and naturally, it is the cutaway collar that has found itself a permanent fixture in Tom Brady’s wardrobe. fundas huawei mate 20 lite But not one to shy away from nattiness, Tom Brady has also sported the pinned collar in recent times, adding panache and interest to what would otherwise be a monochromatic and pedestrian look. Tom Brady Style Icon

Poise in the pocket

The pocket square lends a nice little interception to a standard dark suit and more so, the pocket square is part of the minutiae of male style that conveys confidence, individuality and elegance. fundas samsung galaxy note10 Most of the time, Tom Brady wears monochromatic dark suits with white, blue or white ground-patterned dress shirts, and so he favours a simple white pocket square, which certainly adds to his total offence stats. fundas samsung galaxy a3 Gents could learn a thing or two from this jock – a casually folded white pocket square is the quickest and least expensive way to bestow a more exclusive look onto an ordinary suit. fundas iphone xs max fundas iphone You’ll get the basic pomp without the ceremony and the most bang for your buck with a white linen, hand-rolled pocket square, irregularly arranged and slightly pointed towards your shoulder. Touchdown! Tom Brady Style Icon

Tom Brady may play offensively on the field, but his sense of style off the field is anything but, with high percentage conversions in terms of fit, colour and just the right amount of panache. He could almost be straight out of central casting for the archetypal jock in an American high-school movie, but Tom Brady really is THAT guy. fundas samsung galaxy s20 plus He is the whole package and in our book, a style icon.