Viennese Style

Viennese Style Philippe Perzi Vienna

The Italians have their sprezzatura, the French have their je ne sais quois, London has Jermyn St and Savile Row…but what of the Viennese I hear you say? Now, straight away, some of you may be ambivalent about any country where they speak German, but let me assure you, it’s not all ledenhosen, fur and felt hats.

Vienna is more than just the capital of Austria, it is, geographically speaking anyway, at the heart of Europe, sandwiched between the western and eastern blocks, with a long and varied history spanning invasion, royalty and re-building.

Viennese Style Philippe Perzi Vienna

To understand Viennese style, one has to acknowledge its history; a city invaded by the Turks, capital of the Habsburg empire, occupied by all 4 forces (Soviet Union, USA, UK, France) during the second WW and a haven for spies during the Cold War. History has left its mark on this city’s fashion empire, an empire that has managed to retain many traditional bespoke menswear shops (see our blog: Vienna – mecca for the modern day dandy), in spite of the influx of high-street brands in the 1990s.

It is hard to define Viennese style, but it is a reflection of the melting pot the city has always been; Personally, we would describe the look as:

  • Clean-cut, with impeccable tailoring favouring all gentlemen, but particularly important for larger, taller and more heavily-set or athletic builds.
  • Uncomplicated and practical, but never boring, with the most sartorially aware gents employing bold statement pieces such as a brightly coloured shirt, tie, sports jacket or pocket square and mixing textures and patterns.
  • Focused on high-quality clothing, eschewing the wearing of ostentatious branding and blind trend following.
  • Classic and interesting, playing homage to classic masculine lines whilst embracing a more edgy street or urbane look stemming from Vienna’s thriving underground scene.