The Good, The White and The Giza

White Shirt with tie

The humble white shirt has always been a mainstay of the most elegant men’s wardrobes and whilst we’re certainly glad that men have learnt to embrace colour and pattern in men’s shirts, it can’t be disputed that a fresh, crisp, white shirt combined with a sharp suit and tie (and a Philippe Perzi Vienna tie is always a fine choice) never goes out of style and packs a killer punch when you mean business.

Philippe Perzi Vienna has just added the most brilliant white shirt we’ve ever had to the collection. Moritz is made from Giza 87 Egyptian Cotton and woven in Royal Twill, which makes this shirt the silkiest, softest and most luminous in the collection.

For the uninitiated, at Philippe Perzi Vienna, we often make a big song and dance about the fabrics we choose, being the very best of the best Egyptian Cottons and we make no exception here. If you’ve never worn a shirt made from Giza 87 Egyptian cotton, then you need to order this shirt pronto. This extraordinary cotton drapes beautifully and will not be beaten for softness and durability. Amongst the features of Giza 87 Egyptian cotton is the extra long fibres of the fabric, which means that the shirt will not degrade over time and even after numerous washes, the original softness, whiteness and brightness will be maintained.

Whilst you might already have a few white shirts in your rotation, you need to add one more as this is truly a special shirt. Shop now!